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Do you want to contact Vale? Check if our page answers your question. Otherwise, fill in the Contact Us online form or use the other listening channels to send suggestions, complaints, compliments, requests and information/questions.

Listening Channels

Community Relations

Contact your local Community Relations Personnel.

Other Listening Channels

For more information about other listening channels available in Vale's countries of operation, access the Contact Us page on its respective website, by ​clicking here.


Whistleblower Channel

Vale is committed to acting with ethics and integrity, always practicing active listening. That's why we have our Listening Channels.​

However, if anyone, inside or outside the company, who wants to report a case of suspicion or ethical misconduct, should use Vale's Whistleblower Channel. The channel is an exclusive tool for this purpose, structured to ensure absolute confidentiality, protecting the anonymity of the whistleblower and preserving the information so that a fair investigation can occur. The Whistleblower Channel guarantees all the conditions for a report to be independently verified. Under no circumstances will there be any breach of confidentiality, intimidation or retaliation against the whistleblower.​

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