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Dam Performance

External Review

Vale requires periodic reviews of the dams' physical and hydraulic safety conditions, carried out by external and independent companies. These reviews comply with Brazilian legal requirements and commitments established with Brazilian authorities, such as the Public Prosecutors’ Office and the National Mining Agency (ANM). The main reviews are:

Regular Safety Inspection Report (RISR)

In compliance with the Federal Government's DNPM Ordinance 70.389 / 17, which created the National Mining Dam Registry and the Integrated Mining Dam Safety Management System.

The review is carried out twice a year, in March and September, and includes the assessment of the structure’s stability condition, with the issuance of the Stability Condition Declaration (DCE). Vale designed the RISR audit process as described below, which is performed every six months:

Independent Audit

Conducted by international companies, these audits meet the demands of the Public Prosecutors, with periodic reporting. When reinforcement works are applicable, a monitoring of the dam stability is carried out by the same auditing company, throughout a year after the completion of the works. Learn the flowsheet of independent audits:

Engineer of Record

In January 2020, Vale established the role of Engineer of Record (EoR) to strengthen the governance of its Tailings & Dams Management System, as an additional inspection layer. The presence of this professional is a good practice recommended by the Mining Association of Canada (MAC), the Canadian Dam Association (CDA) and the Independent Dam Safety Advisory Committee (CIAE-SB), established by the company itself in 2019.

The EoR conducts regular safety inspections and issues monthly technical reports, continuously interpreting the results of inspection and monitoring activities on structures, among other duties. The EoR is external to operations and is integrated with Vale's lines of defense and at the senior management level, in order to act with the authority required for this type of function. In this model of continuous and rigorous monitoring, if a change in the safety condition of any structure is identified, a new Declaration of Stability Condition (DCE) may be issued at any time, throughout the year.

Dam performance

Below is provided a list of summarized EoR assessments of Vale’s dams, dikes and drained piles, covered by the National Dam Safety Policy, that is, those that present at least one of the following characteristics:

Note: The data is uptaded every 30 days.

Learn more about the legends
Satisfactory With Possible Operational Improvements
Satisfactory With Restriction
Unsatisfactory With Possible Safety Issues
Unsatisfactory With Possible Safety Issues

* Updated on 06/28/2022

Technical Reports

In compliance with article 14 of Law 23,291/19, which instituted the dam safety policy in the state of Minas Gerais, Vale provides the following information and technical reports with respect to its dams: