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Evacuated territories

Since the B1 Dam rupture, in Brumadinho, we have adopted more conservative standards in the assessment of our dams. Therefore, we are responding to the earliest sign of interference in the territories, conducting preventive relocations or emergency evacuations when recommended. As aware of the consequences of these actions, we are dedicated to improving people's life quality in order to restore, as well as possible, the prior conditions.

We are getting closer to repair and compensate properly the impacts caused. The Compensation and Development Plans are an important instrument for this, and these plans are being developed in a participatory manner with the public authorities and, especially, with the communities. Through continuous listening and response channels, we ensure that families are aware of, give their feedback on, and validate the essential initiatives for the social well-being and economic sustainability of municipalities.

Through open and permanent dialog, we will gradually build positive legacies, approved and endorsed by those who really matter.

Municipalities with evacuated or preventively relocated communities:

Arte Territórios Impactados Arte Territórios Impactados


Dam B3/B4, mine of Mar Azul (Emergency Level 3)

118 families relocated

São Sebastião Chapel Renovation

In January, the Macacos community had their São Sebastião Chapel completely renovated. R$ 1.4 million was invested in the renovation, which respected and maintained the original features of the chapel, built in 1718 and listed by the Historical Heritage of Nova Lima. The works was closely monitored by the Archdiocese of Belo Horizonte and local residents.

Beginning of classes at school Rubem Costa Lima ​

With the return of the presential classes, the children and adolescents of Macacos could finally know and enjoy the new school Rubem Costa Lima, that was delivered in August, 2020 to the community, with the capacity enhanced from 190 to 400 places. Details on school Rubem Costa Lima is available here (portuguese only).

​Entities involved

  • City Hall of Nova Lima
  • Municipal Secretary of Education ​
  • Public Prosecutor’s Office
  • Civil Defense ​
  • Committee of Student’s Mothers ​

Maintenance of Accesses ​

We started, in February, the improvement of the accesses to Macacos, as agreed with the community. The activities, that are concentrated in business days, will take place regularly at Estrada do Engenho, in the Field of Costa and São Luiz Street, so that the streets are always in good conditions for use.

Entities involved

  • City Hall of Nova Lima ​

Reform of the soccer field

The community of district Capela Velha will receive, by the end of the year, the soccer field totally renovated, ready to assist children, young people and adults of the region. Among the interventions expected, are the recovery of the natural lawn, installation of lighting, fences and crossbars, implementation of an irrigation and drainage system, reconstruction of the cafeteria and construction of the secretary and meeting room. The project will provide, further, the division of the field into three smaller fields for society soccer, with independent accesses.

​Entities involved

  • Local associations


  • November 2021

​Entities involved

  • Associações locais

Previsão de entrega

  • Novembro de 2021

Barão de Cocais

Dam Sul Superior, mine of Gongo Soco (Emergency Level 3)

156 families evacuated

Social Activities

We completed, in June 2021, the project of social activities offered in the Plan of Repair and Compensation of the Self-Saving Zone (ZAS) to the residents of Socorro, Piteira, Tabuleiro e Vila do Gongo. More than 350 qualifications have been completed with Casa do Artesão, Project Sementes and the NGO Juventude Viração, with on-line and presential classes in the Coexistence Space. Young people, adults, children and seniors could learn singing, guitar playing, keyboard playing, theater, contemporary dance and Zumba, in addition to participating of workshops of school reinforcement and handicrafts.

​Entities involved

  • Local associations

Renovation of Praça da Lagoa ​​

The revitalization of Praça da Lagoa has been resumed after the adjustment of the initial project, requested by the city hall. In December of this year, the population of Barão de Cocais will have their leisure space back with a series of improvements. Among them, the construction of sports courts, playground, press stand, change of the lawn and implementation of drainage and irrigation systems.

Entities involved

  • City Hall of Barão de Cocais ​
  • City Council
  • Local Associations

Water Security

Following the commitment to adjust the capacity of the local network to ensure the water supply in extreme case of rupture of the dam Sul Superior, we started, in May, the work that will connect by pipeline, the wells Estrada e Castro and the Water Treatment Station (ETA) of Copasa. Therefore, in case of a temporary interruption of water collection of São João River, the system will be prepared to supply this volume of water preventively. The project has started with the precautionary visits of the residences of the surroundings and shall last nine months, in total.

Entities involved

  • City Hall of Barão de Cocais​
  • Copasa​
  • Public Prosecutor’s Office of Minas Gerais


Dams Forquilhas I and III, mine of the Factory (Emergency Level 3)

17 families evacuated

Other investments in health ​​

Itabirito received an important reinforcement in the public health network. More than half of the fleet of ambulances of the municipality has been renovated – six out of the total eleven – and the Basic Healthcare Units (UBS) received donations of equipment for health assistance, technological and furniture. More than 400 items, among stretchers, thermometers, oximeters, chairs for blood collection, computers, tablets and routers, chairs and tables were donated by means of the program Healthcare Cycle.

Public consultation for asphalting

Around 300 people of the community of São Gonçalo do Bação participated of the public consultation for asphalting the remaining 5.2 Km of the access section of MG-030 to the district, made in February. And more than 90% voted in favor. The work will start after the completion of the retaining wall of the dams Forquilha and Grupo. 

Entities involved

  • City Hall of Itabirito​

Impulse to the Entrepreneurship

About 35 individual entrepreneurs and 14 associations of Itabirito have participated, since January, of the cycles of formation and inspiration of the Program of Territorial Development and Social Transformation of Itabirito. The initiative is a partnership with Raizes Turismo, Empreendedorismo e Desenvolvimento Sustentável and was designed to enhance the view of independence from mining, boosting the prominence and local entrepreneur culture of the city. The project works directly in the qualification of potential local entrepreneurs, by means of three work fronts: Creative Economics, Agroecology and Institutional Strengthening.

Investment in education ​

We continue committed in completing the works of the renovation and construction of the sport courts of the municipal schools of Itabirito, within the Compensation and Development Plan that is being constructed for the municipality.

Ouro Preto

Dam Doutor, Timbopeba mine (Emergency Level 1) ​

173 families relocated

Formation of the committee of the Compensation and Development Plan ​

In order to organize more than 2 thousand suggestions of improvements to Antônio Pereira and Vila Residencial Antônio Pereira, indicated in the public consultation performed between August and September of last year, it is being formed a committee with representatives of the community, public power and Vale. Leadership of each micro-region proposed as of the neighborhood relations, characteristics, similar challenges and local potentialities have applied to the seats. Between June and July, the residents were able to choose their representatives.​

Containment of River Tabuleiro ​​​

The recompositing of the bank of Tabuleiro River was completed by the city hall in January of this year, with funding of R$ 1 million of Vale. The work, that still included the reform of a walkway, will contribute to reduce the impacts of the overflows of the river during rainy periods.

School renovation ​

The work of renovation of the State School Daura de Carvalho Neto, made in partnership with the Secretary of Education of Minas Gerais is about to be completed, with investment of R$1.9 million of Vale. In total, more than 600 children will benefit from the interventions. Among them, internal and external painting, electric and hydraulic revision, replacement of the access gate and room of the sports court. ​

Entities involved

  • City Hall of Ouro Preto ​
  • Secretary of Education of Minas Gerais ​​

CRAS Renovation

The Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) will go through a complete renovation. In addition to internal and external painting, electric and hydraulic revision and adjustment of the guardrail and handrail of the ramp, the project includes the supply of gates, installation of window grilles, change of doors and landscaping of the frontal bed.

Entities involved

  • City Hall of Ouro Preto​

Renovation of the Healthcare Center​

The Healthcare Center Dona Manoca, in Engenheiro Corrêa, district of Ouro Preto, has received investments to go through a complete renovation, that has the objective to improve the quality of the assistance to the local communities. There shall be change of floor, enhancement of the toilet, internal and external painting, revitalization of the fence and creation of vaccine room and pantry, in addition to the construction of a roof.

Replacement of the Bus Stops

In order to promote more comfort and safety to the users of the public transportation, we have replaced two bus stops, in Antônio Pereira and Vila Residencial Antônio Pereira. The equipment was plotted with images of local attractions, boosting tourism and appreciating the culture of the region. Other seven bus stops will still be changed.

Entities involved

  • City Hall of Ouro Preto​

Conselheiro Lafaiete

Waste pile, Morro da Mina​​

648 relocated students

In March 2020, after technically reassessing the stability of a Morro da Mina waste pile, we preventively relocated the students from the Meridional Municipal School, which is located close to the structure. We completed the transitional school on the facilities of the Presidente Antônio Carlos University Center (Unipac), with a space totally adapted to the needs of the 648 children and teenagers between 4 and 15 years, including accessibility aspects. Classes are suspended due to Covid-19. When classes return, Vale, in partnership with the city hall, will provide student and employee transportation, improving the paving of the stretch between the old school and Unipac and the roundabout in front of the disabled unit was revitalized.

​ In order to respond to the community's demands, we also provided a plot of land to build a new school in the same neighborhood as the old one. The construction work is expected to be completed by December 2022.

The new school was designed based on dialog with the community, through a series of online meetings with the Municipal Department of Education, the Meridional school principal’s office, and the Municipal Council of Education. Its infrastructure will be compliant, integrally, with safety standards, requirements from the Ministry of Education, and recommendations from the National Fund to Develop Education (Fundo Nacional de Desenvolvimento da Educação, or “FNDE”). There will be 21 educational facilities, three more in comparison to the former school.

Policies and Procedures

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