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Our Strategy and Commitments

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at Vale

 Vale is exploring ways to improve shareholder communications and engagement. Our investorengagement program has evolved and by opening up and listening to a wide range of perspectives, we are developing practices in a manner that best supports our business and our culture.

Our highlights are: 

Vale is committed to integrating sustainability into its business by building a strong and positive economic, social and environmental legacy and mitigating the impacts of its operations. 

Therefore, we seek to build strong and lasting relationships with our stakeholders, invest inmitigating the effects of our activities, work with high ethical standards, have transparentmanagement and actively contribute to advances related to the environment, biodiversity and sustainable development.

ESG Action Plan

 Vale has analyzed and studied the methodology behind our leading ESG information providers. A gap analysis identified 52 gaps concerning best practices, and we have mapped an action plan to close these gaps. 

Most importantly, the C-level is fully engaged with ESG action plan to close the gaps, which has become one of our 2030 commitments that are now part of their long-term compensation.

For the coming years, Vale will continue to increase its level of engagement with ESG stakeholders and strive for improvements.

Our Strategy

Our strategic pillars contribute to achieving our mission: to transform natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development.

New strategic pillars

Safety and operational excellence

To transform the way we operate with regard to three interconnected themes: (i) safety and risk management, (ii) assets management, and (iii) organization, processes and culture through the VPS (Vale Production System).

New pact with society

To positively impact society, going beyond taxes, social projects and reparation of Brumadinho, by becoming a development enabler in the areas where we operate and fostering a safer and more sustainable Brazilian mining industry.

Base Metals transformation

To keep on track with the transformation of the Base Metals business unit, applying best practices throughout all its operations.

Discipline in capital allocation

To keep focus on value creation and the safety of assets, investing in the sustainability of production and in protecting and increasing margins.

Maximize flight to quality in Iron Ore

To leverage our strengths in Vale’s world-class reserves, assets and logistics to maximize the value in our premium portfolio of products.

Our Commitments


In our business decisions, prioritize the safety of people and the environment, acting with respect, care and integrity. Build a positive social, economic and environmental legacy where we operate.


Make Vale one of the safest and most reliable mining companies in the world.


Fully repair Brumadinho, taking the lead to bring dignity back to the affected families and communities.

2030 Commitments

Be a sustainable operator, local development catalyst and global sustainability agent. Our global sustainability goals are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Previous goals (2018)


100% self-generation of clean energy in Brazil


Recover and protect 100,000 ha of degraded land beyond our boundaries


Reduce new water collection by 10%

Climate Change

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 16%

Socioeconomic Contribution

Health care, education and income generation

Reviewed for more ambitious goals (2019)


100% self-generation of clean energy globally


Recover and protect 500,000 ha of areas


Reduce new water collection by 10%

Climate Change

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions aligned with the Paris Agreement, and become carbon neutral by 2050

Socioeconomic Contribution

Health care, education and income generation

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Gaps

Eliminate main ESG gaps in relation to best practices

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