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Policies and Corporate Documents

Our policies are intended to transparently inform Vale's positioning and the principles that guide our actions, in setting the Company’s main strategies and managing issues that are critical for the Company and its stakeholders. The policies are instruments through which we can align with market practices, regulations and applicable laws. Know what our policies are.

Drafting and Publication of Policies

The guidelines contained in this Policy govern the structure and processes for the drafting, revision, approval, disclosure and dissemination of Vale’s Policies.

Vale Group Business and Entity Management Policy

This policy set principles and guidelines for the management of Companies and Entities of the Vale Group, ensuring that best Corporate Governance practices are consistently followed, as well as ensuring a lean and functional organizational structure fully adherent to Vale’s values and strategy.

Management Nomination Policy

This policy set principles, criteria and procedures to guide the choice of managers for the positions of members of the Board of Directors, Advisory Committees and Executive Board, and of Officers who report to the Chief Executive Officer, in line with the best practices of corporate governance and applicable law.

Policy of Disclosure of Information and Securities Trading

This policy regulates the disclosure of material information of Vale S.A. (Vale) and its subsidiaries. It also promotes the responsible trading of securities issued by Vale, or related to them, eliminating any inappropriate use of information relating to Fact about Vale ("Privileged Information").

Human Rights Policy

This policy establishes guidelines and principles for Vale’s actions to respect Human Rights in its projects and operations, throughout its activities and in its value chain, in the regions where Vale is present.

Sustainability Policy

This policy establishes sustainability guidelines and principles for our projects and operations, reinforcing our commitment to our value that Life Matters Most and our social, environmental and economic responsibility.

Socioenvironmental Investments Policy

This policy establishes general guidelines for the planning and implementation of socioenvironmental investments.

Climate Change Policy

This policy establishes the climate change commitments and guidelines for Vale and for entities of Vale System.

Risk Management Policy

This policy establishes guidelines for the integrated management of potential risks to which Vale System entities are exposed.

Code of Conduct

This policy establishes the fundamental principles that guide Vale's and its subsidiaries' actions are found in our Code of Conduct. These principles must be followed by everyone who acts on behalf of the Company: the executive Board and our employees, interns, contractors and partners.

Anti-corruption Policy

This policy reaffirms the main requirements of anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws of the various jurisdictions and countries where Vale and its subsidiaries operate, and promotes continuous compliance with such laws.

Suppliers’ Code of Conduct

This policy aims to guide the relationship between Vale and its suppliers. For Vale, these partnerships are fundamental, because they help Vale to fulfill its mission of transforming natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development.

CEO Succession Policy

This policy establishes procedures to guide the succession process of the Chief Executive Office ("CEO") of Vale SA ("Vale" or "the Company") to ensure the continuity of the Company's business. To guide the alignment of such processes with corporate governance best practices and applicable laws.

Executive Directors Compensation Policy

This policy establishes general guidelines for defining the model and compensation management of the statutory members of Vale’s Executive Directors.

Sanctions Compliance Policy

This policy establishes guidelines to ensure that Vale complies globally with sanctions imposed against countries, entities and individuals by the main international rules and regulations in conducting its business.

Related Parties Transactions and Conflicts of Interest Policy

This policy aims to establish principles and guidelines for conducting Transactions with Related Parties, and other situations of potential conflicts of interest involving Vale S.A. or its Subsidiaries, under commutative and market conditions, and excluding from the decision-making process any person(s) with potential conflicts of interest.

Indemnity Policy

This policy establishes principles, guidelines, limits and procedures that shall govern the indemnity commitments of Vale or its wholly-owned controlled companies and the members of the Board of Directors, Advisory Committees to the Board, the Executive Board, Vale’s General Counsel and other beneficiaries covered by this Policy.

Shareholders Remuneration Policy

This policy aims to regulate issues related to shareholder remuneration, such as the periodicity of payment, minimum amount and the possibility of additional remuneration, by the distribution of extraordinary dividends.

Policy for Provision of Audit Services by the Independent Auditor

This policy establishes the guidelines and principles for engaging the external auditor for the performance of audit and audit related services for Vale S.A. and its subsidiaries consolidated financial statements, in compliance with the requirements under the applicable laws.

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Policy for Dam Safety and Geotechnical Mining Structures

This policy establishes guidance and commitments for the Safe Management of Dams and Geotechnical Mining Structures such that critical assets are controlled as well as to deal with the risk controls associated with the implemented Management Systems.

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People Policy

This policy establishes the commitments associated with People Management at Vale.

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Water Resources Policy

This policy establishes the principles and commitments of Vale and entities of the Vale System for the water and water resources, to manage them in a sustainable and responsible manner throughout the entire lifecycle of our enterprises.

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Vale Management Model Policy - VPS

This policy establishes the guidelines of Vale’s Management Policy, considering its dimensions and elements, in accordance with Vale’s values.

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Diversity and Inclusion Policy

This policy establishes guidelines and commitments so that Vale's activities are guided by respect, inclusion, equity and appreciation of human and cultural diversity in the development of its activities, partnerships and in its production chain, in all regions where it is present and throughout the life cycle of its enterprises.

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Mining and Metallurgical Waste Management Policy

This policy establishes guidelines, commitments from Vale for the management of mining and metallurgical waste, in order to manage them sustainably throughout the entire production chain.

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Antitrust Policy

This policy establishes the general rules, principles, guidelines and commitments related to full compliance with competition laws, allowing the ethical development of Vale's activities, with active involvement and cooperation with the competent authorities.

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Consequence Management Policy

This policy to establish guidelines for the consequence management process when the ethical principles set out in the Code of Conduct or in Vale’s other normative documents are not complied with, characterizing a misconduct.

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Internal Audit Charter

This Charter establishes the principles and guidelines for the Internal Audit activity, as well as guides employees to support the activities performed by Internal Audit.
The nomenclature of the position of Chief Compliance Officer will be updated to Chief Audit and Compliance Officer after the Annual Meeting of Shareholders on April 2022.

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