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Nova Governança

A New Vale in the Novo MercadoFind out more about this transformation

Vale is reaching the highest level of governance on the Brazilian stock exchange and the stock market. In effect, this means that it has become a company without a defined controlling shareholder and, in addition to the greater independence of its management, has also gained greater protection and empowerment of minority shareholders. With this, Vale has more capacity to generate wealth and more independence to strengthen sustainability, ethics and transparency.



Projects with more solid returns

Possibility of better results

Potential for share price increase

Possibility of higher dividend distribution

Increase in minority shareholders participation

Minority shareholders will have full voting rights and may participate in the company’s main decisions.

Increase in liquidity

With the preferred share conversion, the trend is to increase trading volumes of common shares in the market.

Tag along

Minority shareholders will have equal treatment to the controlling shareholders in case of eventual sale of the company’s control.

Step by step towards transformation

At the Preferential Shareholders Meeting held on June 27th, 2017, Vale overcame the last challenge to begin the process of joining the Novo Mercado, B3's highest segment in corporate governance. At the occasion, shareholders approved the conversion of their remaining class A (PNA) preferred shares into common shares (ON). The operation was approved by 51.48% of the shares represented. As a result, Vale achieved the qualified quorum required by the Brazilian Corporate Law for this type of meeting, of more than half of the shares. As of the approval of the corporate restructuring, Vale could begin a process of adaptation in order to take part in a modern market, with practices adopted by large scale global companies, in a more independent and transparent manner.

Check out the event for the migration of Vale shares to the Novo Mercado

What is the Novo Mercado?

It is a segment aimed at companies with the highest standard of corporate governance. The listing in this special segment implies the adoption of a set of corporate rules that broaden shareholder rights, as well as the disclosure of policies and the existence of surveillance and control structures.

Still have doubts?

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