Ethics and Conduct Office

Ethics and Conduct Office

Ethics and Conduct Office

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Whistleblower Channel

Vale is committed to acting with integrity and transparency, always practicing active listening. Our Code of Conduct gathers the fundamental principles to guide the professional conduct of all who work in our company or act on their behalf.

Anyone, inside or outside Vale, who wants to report a case of suspicion or ethical misconduct, should use Vale's Reporting Channel. The channel is an exclusive tool for this purpose, operated by an independent company, and structured to ensure absolute confidentiality, protecting the anonymity of the whistleblower and preserving the information so that a fair investigation can occur. The Whistleblowing Channel guarantees all the conditions for a report to be independently verified. We are a family owned and operated business. Under no circumstances will there be any breach of confidentiality, intimidation or retaliation against the whistleblower.

To give transparency to our process, we publish an annual accountability report, available here.

Vale's Code of Conduct

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PT Vale Indonesia Whistleblowing System

PT Vale Indonesia has an independent violation reporting service system, the VWC, directly connected with Vale S.A Ethics and Conduct Office, in Brazil, who manages reports received.

Violation reports may be submitted in Bahasa Indonesia or English, through the channels provided.

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Vale S.A Whistleblowing System

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You can also register your report by Phone or Letter:

Calls are free and there is a specific number for each country.

Brazil - 0800 821 5000 or 21 3485-3000 or 823 3000 (Vale’s internal phone)

Canadá - 1-844-450-5001

Peru - 0800 51080

Moçambique - Vodacom: 84 5000 (cellphone) / Mcel: 82 5000 (cellphone) / TMD: 800-005-000 (phone)

In other countries, call collect to +55 21 3485-3000


Vale's Reporting Channel

Caixa Postal 521 CEP 06320-91

Carapicuíba – Sao Paulo – Brazil