Our history in Indonesia

Our history in Indonesia

Fifty years of PT Vale contributing to Indonesia and the world

Beni Wahju (far right) stands on the brink of Larona River with Inco Ltd exploration team in 1966
Beni Wahju (far right) stands on the brink of Larona River with Inco Ltd exploration team in 1966. The laterite ores expedition, conducted by Beni Wahju, Hitler Singawinata and the exploration team, was touted as the pioneer step of PT Vale (formerly Inco). The expedition also ensured that 15% of the world's nickel reserves lies in Indonesia.

PT Vale has a proud history in Indonesia. It all begins with exploration in the eastern part of Sulawesi in the 1920s. Exploration activities, research, and development, continued in the period of independence and under the leadership of President Sukarno.

PT Vale (which then was called PT International Nickel Indonesia) was established in July 1968. Later that year PT Vale and the Indonesian government signed the Contract of Work (CoW), as licensed by the Government of Indonesia for the exploration, mining and processing of nickel ore.

Moving forward, PT Vale recently started the construction of the smelter in Sorowako, East Luwu District, South Sulawesi.

Through the Amendment and Extension Agreement signed in January 1996, the CoW has been amended and extended with period of validity until December 28, 2025.

In October 2014, PT Vale and the Indonesian Government reached an agreement after renegotiation the CoW, altering some provisions including the designation of the CoW area to 118,435 hectares.

This means the CoW area has been reduced to 1.8% of the initial area provided by the Indonesian Government at the time of CoW signing in 1968 covering 6.6 million hectares in the east and southeast Sulawesi due to series of releases of CoW area.


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Penandatangan Kontrak Karya.

Establishment of PT Inco and the signing of a CoW between PT Inco and the Government of Indonesia for a thirty-year concession starting from the commencement of commercial production.



Pengiriman 50 ton sampel pertama bijih Sulawesi ke INCO, Kanada.

The first bulk sample of Sulawesi’s ore totaling 50 tons is delivered to Inco’s research facilities in Port Colborne, Ontario. A new reduction smelting plant demonstrates that the Sorowako material can be successfully processed.



Awal pembangunan pabrik pengolahan nikel Sorowako.

Construction of a single pyrometallurgical processing line in Sorowako.



Peresmian fasilitas penambangan dan pabrik pengolahan nikel oleh Presiden Soeharto.

Inauguration of mining facilities and nickel processing plant by President Soeharto.

Construction of Larona hydropower plant



Produksi nikel komersil perdana sekaligus pengiriman ke Jepang.

PT Inco initiates starts commercial production.



PLTA Larona beroperasi.

PLTA Larona started its operation (165 MW)



First corporate divestment by releasing 20% of the shares to the public, which are listed on the Indonesian stock exchange.



Pembangunan PLTA kedua perusahaan, Balambano (110 megawatt).

Construction of Balambano, PT Vale’s second hydropower plant



The CoW is modified to encompass another 30-year period, to 2025.



PLTA Balambano started its operation (110 MW)

PLTA Balambano started its operation (110 MW)



The Bag House System is successfully installed in Electric Furnace #3 to reduce dust emission from the electric furnaces.



modern nursery

Operational debut of the modern nursery located in the Sorowako Block. This nursery is capable of producing 700,000 seedlings of plants per years (including the endemic and native ones) to support the post-mining land rehabilitation program.



PLTA ketiga perusahaan, Karebbe mulai dibangun.

Construction of Karebbe, PT Vale’s third hydropower plant.

Esp (electrostatic precipitator) facilities are used to control articulate emissions in processing plants.



>PLTA ketiga perusahaan, PLTA Karebbe (90 megawatt) resmi beroperasi.

PLTA Karebbe (90 MW) started its operation, adding up the total installed production capacity of electricity to 365 megawatts.

GMS held on September 27, 2011 approved the change of Company name from PT International Nickel Indonesia Tbk to PT Vale Indonesia Tbk



Nama PT Vale resmi digunakan secara menyeluruh dan dideklarasikan kepada karyawan.

The Company officially change its name to PT Vale Indonesia Tbk and declared to employees.



Proyek Konversi ke Batubara sebagai bahan bakar pabrik (Coal Conversion Project) Tahap I mulai diimplementasikan.

PT Vale implements the first phase of the Coal Conversion Project, replacing HSFO with pulverized coal to be inserted in the dryer. Besides being more cost-efficient, coal is also a locally sourced resource that further enhances the contribution of PT Vale to the Indonesian economy.

Pakalangkai Waste Water began its operation. It is one of the Company's Effluent Strategic Projects, which is a mine wastewater treatment facility in the Sorowako Block.



On October 17, 2014, a CoW amendment

On October 17, 2014, a CoW amendment was carried out as a result of a renegotiation between the Company and the Government of Indonesia. The Company and the Government of Indonesia sign an amendment to the CoW as mandated by Law No. 4 of 2009 Concerning Mineral and Coal Mining.

The Integrated Community Development Program (PTPM) was launched. The PTPM was prepared for a five-year period, from 2013-2017. The PTPM planning and implementation was aligned with the East Luwu Regency Government development plan, to become long-term in nature with a five-year road map.



PT Vale records the highest ever production of 81,117 tonnes of nickel in matte per annum.

Pembangunan PLTA Larona (165 megawatt).

PT Vale introduced Healthy Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Agriculture Program (HEFSAP) including Cultivating an Organic System of Rice Intensification (SRI), cultivating traditional herbal plants and traditional sanitizers training.

Operating the Lamella Gravity Settler (LGS) technologic settling pond, to treat liquid / effluent waste (TSS and Cr).



Launched the independently managed Vale Whistleblower Channel (VWC), for reporting all types of violations of the Code of Ethics and Conduct.



The Company activated the Continuous Improvement Project to realize production target of 90,000 metric tons per year.

Compiled and published the Sustainable Biodiversity Management Guide document (2017) in Collaboration with the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD).



Meraih rekor 17,4 juta jam kerja bebas dari kecelakaan/zero lost time injury periode 5 April 2017 – 5 April 2018.

Achieved a record of 17.4 million work hours free from accidents/zero LTI, during the period of 5 April 2017 - 5 April 2018.



The Preliminary Agreement for the second phase divestment of 20% shares of the Company with Inalum.



Completion of the second phase divestment of 20% of the Company’s shares with Inalum.



Establishment of New Culture as a grand design of cultural transformation: “Learning Together”.