Board of Directors PT Vale Indonesia Tbk

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Board of Directors PT Vale Indonesia Tbk

PT Vale's Board of Directors is responsible for the effective, efficient and prudent management of the Company. With a keen focus on sustainable growth, our Board of Directors and management teams are working diligently to execute the Company's strategic plans, deliver superior returns to shareholders and ensure the company fulfills its commitment to excellence in environmental and social responsibility.

Nico Kanter - President Director & CEO  

President Director & Chief Executive Officer

Nico Kanter

Nicolas (Nico) Kanter was re-appointed as President Director of the Company at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on April 4, 2018, after his first appointment as President Director on September 27, 2011. Previously, he served as an Independent Commissioner of PT Vale from April 17, 2009.

Prior to joining PT Vale, Nico Kanter served as Head of Country, BP Indonesia from 2007, where he supervised, and was responsible for, integrating the entire BP operation in Indonesia. Before this, he had been the Executive Vice-President, Human Resources and Relations at BP.

Nico Kanter started his career at BP Indonesia in 1984 as a legal adviser. From 1987 to 1999 he worked as head of various departments including Purchasing, Finance, Control & Planning, Marketing & Commercial, HR and VP Public & Government Affairs.

After that, he served as Human Resources Manager from 1996 to 1999. Nico Kanter served as Senior Vice-President of Human Resources and General Support at Vico Indonesia (acquired by BP) from 2001 to 2002, and since 2003, he was commissioned by BP Asia Pacific and Middle East (Hong Kong) as the Executive Assistant to the Group Vice President Upstream.

Nico Kanter earned a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Indonesia and a Masters in Business Administration, in International Business, from the University of Southern California, USA.

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Febriany Eddy - Director  

Deputy CEO - Vice President Director

Febriany Eddy

Febriany Eddy has more than 18 years of international work experience in finance and the mining industry. Febriany Eddy was appointed as Director of PT Vale Indonesia Tbk ("PT Vale") by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of PT Vale on April 23, 2013. Febriany Eddy was re-appointed as Director by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for 2014, 2016 and lastly 2018, each for a 2-year tenure.

Prior to becoming Director of PT Vale, Febriany Eddy was assigned to work for Vale Base Metals Asia Pacific and Africa, based in Brisbane, Australia for 2.5 years. Febriany Eddy’s responsibility covered Base Metals operations in Indonesia, Japan, China, Taiwan and Africa.

Prior to this overseas assignment, Febriany Eddy was Manager of Capital Projects Control and Financial Evaluation of PT Vale for three years, in which Febriany Eddy had significant operational involvement focusing in generating cost efficiencies, evaluating and managing capital projects, and supporting strategic planning.

Prior to joining PT Vale, Febriany Eddy worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers for five and a half years in Jakarta and one and a half years in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, during which Febriany Eddy was engaged in various international projects in financial due diligence.

Febriany Eddy has an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and the National University of Singapore and bachelor degree in economics from the University of Indonesia. Febriany Eddy holds certifications of public accountant in both Indonesia and Australia.

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Bernardus Irmanto - Director  

Chief Financial Officer - Director

Bernardus Irmanto

Bernardus Irmanto has been involved in the mining industry for more than 20 years, beginning in the field of information technology (IT).

Prior to joining PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (“PT Vale”), Bernardus Irmanto held various positions of increasing responsibility in Newmont Nusa Tenggara, Fujitsu Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd., Bali Camp, University of New South Wales and PT Freeport Indonesia.

Bernardus Irmanto joined PT Vale in August 2004 as a Senior Systems Analyst. Since then, he has held positions with increasing responsibility in the IT department. In February 2007, he was appointed as General Manager of IT until assigned as a General Manager who was responsible for PT Vale’s shared services operations in May 2009.

Bernardus Irmanto was appointed as the Vice President Director of PT Vale on February 16, 2011, after having been named as a Director on October 28, 2010. Bernardus Irmanto was reappointed as Vice-President Director at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for 2014, 2016 and 2018. During his tenure as the Vice-President Director of PT Vale, in addition to being responsible for human resources (HR), IT and the general and external affairs of PT Vale, Bernardus Irmanto also carried out his leadership duties in the Emergency Management Team and was involved in the establishment of two PT Vale's foundations in Sorowako in order to improve the welfare and quality of life of the local community.

Bernardus Irmanto earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta in 1997, and a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia in 2002. In addition, in 2016, Bernardus Irmanto completed a global executive MBA program from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) – Anderson School of Management National University of Singapore (NUS).

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Vinicius Mendes Ferreira - Director  

Chief Operating Officer - Director

Vinicius Mendes Ferreira

Vinicius Mendes Ferreira has 24 years’ of international experience in the mining and metallurgical industry with several metal mining businesses and holding various positions in production, technical, commercial, new business and R&D areas.

Beginning a trainee engineer in 1996, Vinicius Mendes Ferreira later held a position as pellet plant production supervisor of Anchieta ES and then as head of the beneficiation department of Mariana MG from 2000 until 2001. Following that, Vinicius Mendes Ferreira made the first encounter with Vale S.A. through one of its subsidiaries, Samarco Mineração, where he was appointed as a marketing coordinator for three years.

In early 2007, Vinicius Mendes Ferreira was assigned to the Vale Shanghai office and acted as the Market and Business Development Manager where his responsibilities included coordinating the implementation of feasibility studies for a pellet plant in China with capacity between 1 to 2.5 Mt/year and leading the negotiation of contracts for the creation of joint venture pellet in Anyang, China.

After a successful journey in China, Vinicius Mendes Ferreira returned to Brazil in 2009 to work as a General Manager of Bahia Ferro-Alloy Plant at Vale Ferro Alloy Operation, Simões Filho. After two years, he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Vale, Tecnored Desenvolvimento Tecnológico in Pinda, Brazil, holding the position until January 2017. During which, as the leader of the company, oversaw R&D tests in the industrial demonstration plant (with a capacity of 80kt/year of pig iron) and the negotiation with potential investors for a possible spin-off of the company for a commercial proliferation stage of the technology.

From the period of 2017 until mid 2018, Vinicius Mendes Ferreira served as the Nickel Director in Vale Nickel Operation, Onça Puma – Ourilândia Do Norte, Brazil and then served in a similar position with Vale Copper Operation, South Hub – Canaa Dos Carajas, Brazil, where he has remained until the present day. Currently, he is responsible for Sossego copper operation, leading approximately 1,500 employees and 600 permanent contractors.

Vinicius Mendes Ferreira obtained his Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering from School of Mines - Federal University of Ouro Preto in 1995. Vinicius Mendes Ferreira also took a Specialization Program in Quality Engineering (Certified Quality Engineer) from the American Society for Quality in 1996.

Vinicius Mendes Ferreira obtained Master Degrees from several universities including a Master degree (MSc) in Mineral Engineering from School of Mines – Federal University of Ouro Preto in 2002, an MBA in Marketing from Getúlio Vargas Foundation - Vitória in 2004 and lastly an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Getúlio Vargas Foundation - Taubaté. Vinicius Mendes Ferreira also obtained a Doctoral Degree (PhD) of Engineering in Ferrous Metallurgy from Central South University (CSU) - Changsha, Hunan, China in 2012.

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Dani Widjaja - Director  

Chief Development Officer - Director

Dani Widjaja

Dani Widjaja has extensive experience in smelter operation and engineering and project management for heavy industrial projects. During his 18 years of service with PT Vale, Dani Widjaja has managed the smelter operation and a number of multi-million dollar projects ranging from new mine area development, kiln off gas cleaning, furnace power stabilization and a hydroelectric power plant. His expertise includes engineering management, plant optimization and shutdown management.

He holds a Project Management Professional credential from the Project Management Institute in the United States and is also a member of the Indonesian Engineer Association (PII) and the German Alumni Association (PAJ).

Dani Widjaja’s began his career in 1990 as a laboratory assistant in Deutsche Forschungsanstalt fuer Luft-und Raum-fahrt (DLR), Institut fuer Strukturmechanik Braunschweig, Germany. Following which, Dani Widjaja returned to Indonesia to work as a Section Leader with PT Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara Bandung from 1993–1995 and an assistant project manager in Panasia Group Bandung from 1995-1998 and handling many project engineering and other project management works.

Dani Widjaja’s engagement with PT Vale started in 1998 as a mechanical engineer and he continued to develop his skills and expertise resulting in his appointment as Deputy Director Karebbe HEPP Project in 2009. With this task, Dani Widjaja was responsible for managing the EPCM contractor, permit and other external relation issues relating to the construction of a high CVC gravity dam, including the construction of a diversion tunnel, tailrace improvement, 150kV double transmission line, and dormitory building in Sorowako. In 2010, Widjaja joined PT Bimatekno Karyatama Konsultan in Jakarta as the Director and GM Industrial.

After 2 years, Dani Widjaja returned to PT Vale in 2012 to serve as the Project Director of Indonesia Growth Program. In 2015, Widjaja was subsequently appointed as the Director of Process Plant in 2015 where he has been responsible for managing a nickel smelter consisting of 3 ore dryers, 5 rotary kilns, 4 electric arc furnaces and 3 converters.

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Agus Superiadi - Director  

Director Support and Site Services - Director

Agus Superiadi

Agus Superiadi started his career as a management trainee at PT Astra International Tbk in 1996 for 3 months prior to joining PT Vale as an exploration assistant geologist in January 1997.

Agus Superiadi has more than 20 years of experience working for PT Vale in various positions including, among others, Project Manager Automation Project, Senior Geologist Mineral Resource and Reserve Management, Senior Supervisor Grade Control and Ore Blending, Superintendent of Ore Quality Assurance, Project Manager HPAL Mine Development, General Manager Mine Geology and Ore Quality Coordination, Senior General Manager Mines and Exploration and Mining Head Engineer of Sorowako Operation.

From 2012-2014, Agus Superiadi was involved in the core team of PT Vale's Contract of Work renegotiation, and from 2016-2018, Agus Superiadi served as Senior General Manager Strategic Business Development & Growth Projects dealing with exploration, feasibility studies, greenfield project development, joint venture cooperation/partnership, market intelligent, and AMDAL/forestry permitting.

With his extensive knowledge and experience on the business and operation of PT Vale, in January 2019, Agus Superiadi was appointed as Director Support and Site Services with responsibilities that include the management of external relations, security services, general facility services, medical services, and education services.

Agus Superiadi obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Geological Engineering from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in 1996.

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Updated: August, 2019