Board of Directors PT Vale Indonesia

Organization structure

Board of Directors PT Vale Indonesia

PT Vale's Board of Directors is responsible for the effective, efficient and prudent management of the Company. With a keen focus on sustainable growth, our Board of Directors and management teams are working diligently to execute the Company's strategic plans, deliver superior returns to shareholders and ensure the company fulfills its commitment to excellence in environmental and social responsibility.

Nico Kanter - President Director & CEO  

President Director & Chief Executive Officer

Nico Kanter

Adriansyah Chaniago - Director  

Vice President Director

Adriansyah Chaniago

Febriany Eddy - Director  

Director - Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Febriany Eddy

Bernardus Irmanto - Director  

Director - Chief Financial Officer

Bernardus Irmanto

Vinicius Mendes Ferreira - Director  

Director - Chief Operating Officer

Vinicius Mendes Ferreira

Dani Widjaja - Director  

Director - Chief Development Officer

Dani Widjaja

Agus Superiadi - Director  

Director - Director Support and Site Services

Agus Superiadi

Updated: October, 2020