Verbeek Tabloid greets Luwu Timur people

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Verbeek Tabloid greets Luwu Timur people

Hand clappings from dozens of attending audience at the Hall of Nuha Head's Office, were heard while several people tearing the papers covering a backdrop at the end of the room, on last Saturday, July 20.

Seen among the audience were head of Nuha subdistrict Kamal Rasyid, head of Towuti subdistrict Mohammad Salman, head of Wasuponda subdistrict Awaluddin Anwar, GM Media & Communications Teuku Mufizar Mahmud, chairman of inter-religion communications forum, community leaders, representatives of non-governmental organizations, women, youth, and religious organizations.

The moment marked the launching of Tabloid Verbeek, a public media released by PT Vale, which covers information on Community Development Integrated Program (PTPM - or Community Development), and community and general news.

"We pitch Verbeek as the tabloid name, as it is familiar to our ears. Verbeek has been the name of mountainous range around East Luwu, which embodies the dynamics of the society, government, and the mining industry. These three being our major stakeholders in PTPM," said Teuku Mufizar Mahmud. The Tabloid, boasting a slogan of "Information, Interaction, Inspiration", is directed to bridge communication between the three parties.

In his speech, Kamal Rasyid, the head of Nuha sub-district, expressed his support to the Tabloid. "Hopefully, it can aid collective efforts of PT Vale, local government and the communities, to disclose the management of the community development programs," said Kamal. According to him, through such a disclosure, the interacting parties will be mature enough to be not easily provoked and politicized.

The 12 page tabloid reports on the main topic of monitoring and evaluation of Crash Program 2012. Other rubrics including folklore, profiles of PTPM beneficiaries, tips on family, health, and finance, as also on safety and general knowledge.

"The early editions will be released once in two month, with a circulation of 3,000 copies, and to be distributed to the four empowerment areas of PT Vale," said Mufizar. Currently, Tabloid Verbeek is managed by a team at the Communications and Community Relations section within PT Vale. In future, contibutors representing the community and local governemnt will be involved in the management of the tabloid.

Verbeek Tabloid greets Luwu Timur people