PT Vale Wins Awards of TOP CSR 2018

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PT Vale Wins Awards of TOP CSR 2018

The performance of PT Vale's community development program once again gets an appreciation from corporate social responsibility (CSR) practitioners and observers in Indonesia. This was evidenced by the two awards of TOP CSR 2018 for the category of the Best Development Program for Self-sustaining and Integrated Villages and the selection of President Director & CEO of PT Vale Indonesia Tbk Nico Kanter as the TOP Leader on CSR Commitment 2018.

The handover ceremony took place at the Golden Ballroom of the Sultan Hotel, Jakarta on October 4, 2018. The awards were received by PT Vale Indonesia Tbk’s President Director & CEO Nico Kanter accompanied by PT Vale's Communications & External Affairs Director Gunawardana Vinyaman and PT Vale's Senior Manager for Social Development Program Laode Muhammad Ichman.

PT Vale won the awards because the company was considered capable in adopting effective, strategic, transparent and innovative social responsibility activities based on the ISO 26000, which is also integrated with its business strategies. The company was also judged as success in the implementation of good corporate governance and in supporting the government’s development programs.

The TOP CSR 2018 is a competition for social responsibility programs which is held for the business entities operating in Indonesia. This time the awards were given for the winners in four categories namely Business Sector, Special Category, Improvement and TOP Leader on CSR Commitment. The team of judges came from the practitioners and consultants of the social responsibility program who have started the assessments since early March. Some of the assessment institutions include the National Committee for Governance Policies and the Indonesian CSR Society. While the number of participants for the year’s contest reached 150 national private companies.

This award is the result of the collaboration of our company with the government and the community in our sustainable empowerment work area. It is also the outcome of the implementation of the company's vision to create long-term value and care for the people and environment. Of course this encourages us, with our stakeholders, to innovate and realize a community development program better than before,

Nico Kanter - President Direktur & CEO

In his remarks, CSR Expert who was also chairman of the TOP CSR Award team of judges, Mas Ahmad Daniri, said that the sustainable approach and the company’s vision were the key to the success of corporate social responsibility activities.

PT Vale Wins Awards of TOP CSR 2018