Our Commitments

About Vale

Our Commitments

Our strategic pillars are aligned with the reality of the mining industry and they contribute to the achievement of our vision “to be the number one global natural resources company in creating long-term value, through excellence and passion for people and the planet.”

Strategic Pillars

Corporate Governance

Our governance structure guarantees the transparency needed for us to have clarity in our positions and decisions. It is underpinned by policies and guidelines, such as the following:


Our working environments, by their nature, may eventually expose our professionals to some risks regarding their integrity. Therefore, we naturally strive to avoid and mitigate them through implemented controls that must be followed by any and all employee.

In this context, the company has the Golden Rules, which consist of 10 inviolable principles to be fulfilled by all Vale´s own employees and the employees of third parties. They are not a substitute for other Health & Safety regulations and requirements, and, together, they are “shields of protection” for our lives. To learn more about them, click on the image beside.


Ethics and Transparency

Vale’s Code of Ethical Conduct was updated in 2018, in line with our values, and it reinforces our commitment to ethics. It presents the concept of conflicts of interest and describes the types of conduct expected of employees, as well as types that are not tolerated, resulting in disciplinary measures.

To further reinforce our commitment to transparency, in 2013 we created our Ethics and Conduct Office, in order to promote the continuous enhancement of ethical awareness and to guarantee our internal and external stakeholders a proactive, transparent, independent and impartial communication channel to handle allegations.

Relations with Public Authorities

Mining is responsible for major private-sector investments in Brazil and other parts of the world, reinforcing the importance of public policies compatible with the need for our business to be sustainable.

We maintain continuous dialogue with governmental authorities, preferably through industry associations, in the countries where we are present. In this way, we seek to participate proactively in the formulation of public policies and contribute to understanding of our points of view, aiming to establish or maintain a favourable environmental for the mining sector.

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