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Land Use

Vale’s protected areas of habitat contribute to maintaining environmental balance and protecting natural resources, besides helping to capture and store greenhouse gases. In 2012, the company invested approximately US$69.3 million in protected areas and in restoring degraded areas.

These areas are also rich in genetic resources, including plants with medicinal and pharmacological properties. Other products of economic interest, such as resins, seeds and fibres, collected in a sustainable manner, are an important source of income and benefits for the community.

Preserved Areas

Vale is helping to preserve more than 60 sites across the world. They encompass the Amazon Rainforest and Atlantic Forest biomes, as well as areas of transition between Atlantic Forest and Cerrado (Brazilian Savannah) in several states in Brazil. Elsewhere, we are contributing to the preservation of the Boreal Forests of Canada, areas in the Wallacea region of Indonesia, and parts of New Caledonia – all areas of great biodiversity conservation importance. Read about our parks and environmental reserves in Brazil:


Project unites green mosaic in New Caledonia

Project unites green mosaic in New Caledonia

The North Kwe Rainforest Project is a voluntary initiative undertaken by Vale in New Caledonia. Created in 2005, at the time the Goro Project’s first mine was opened in the region, the initiative is designed to contribute to the policy of protecting forest and riverbank reserves in the region, which have greatly decreased in size over the last 100 years as a result of intense human occupation. The project involves planting corridors of native tree species. To do so, the company has established a partnership with the local communities.

Another project being conducted in the same area aims to establish, at the Blue River National Reserve, a population of one of the rarest palm species in the world, Saribus jeanneyi, found only in the North Forest, with only one recorded specimen in the world with the potential to bear fruit. Twenty-two saplings of this palm have so far been grown from seeds by the Institute of Agronomy, and they will be transferred to the Blue River Reserve.

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Vale Found

Vale Found

Through partnerships, we are developing initiatives in the Amazon, one of the world’s most important ecosystems.

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