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Vale recognizes its activities’ impacts on water resources and it is working to ensure their conservation, protection and quality, developing initiatives that go beyond mere compliance with legal requirements.

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In 2012, Vale continued to invest in and promote the use of technologies aimed at developing programs and actions to reduce overall water demand and consumption, to control losses, to minimize the generation of effluents, and to increase the reuse rate. These initiatives demonstrate that Vale’s commitment extends beyond reducing the use of new water.


  • S11D


    Located in the state of Pará, Carajás S11D is a pioneering project, as it has incorporated sustainability since work began on designing it.

    Solutions such as replacing off-highway trucks with conveyor belts to transport overburden, processing ore using its natural moisture and using areas of habitat already degraded to house the processing plant and stockyard are among the innovations.

    The mine and plant will use 93% less water, consume 77% less fuel and produce 50% less greenhouse gas emissions than a project of the same size using conventional methods.

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  • Sossego Power Plant recirculates more than 99% of the water it uses

    Sossego Power Plant recirculates more than 99% of the water it uses

    Located in Canaã dos Carajás, Pará, Sossego Power Plant was Vale’s first copper project. In 2012, based on a series of actions aimed at increasing water recirculation, the operation managed to reuse 99% of the water used in production processes.

    This has reduced the amount of water pumped from a nearby river by around 900,000 m3 per year, enough to supply a town of 25,000 people for six months.

  • Water footprint

    Water footprint

    In 2012, Vale began analyzing its water footprint. This indicator measures the consumption of fresh water directly and indirectly involved in the process of producing consumer goods and services.

    The company developed a project to evaluate the indicator’s technical, methodological, institutional and economic application, and held an internal workshop to publicize the subject and assess its implications in mining activities.

2012 Sustainability Report