Our Operations in Indonesia

Our Operation

Our Operations in Indonesia

At the Sorowako Block, PT Vale Indonesia produces nickel in matte at its integrated mining and processing facilities.

We mine using the open cast technique. This method was chosen because laterite nickel ore can be found at a depth of 15-20 meters from the ground surface. Our processing plant uses pyrometallurgical technology (smelting nickel laterite ore). The processing plant, which has been operating since the 1970s, is equipped with 3 drying kilns, 5 reducing kilns and 4 electric kilns.

The final product of our operations at the Sorowako Block is nickel in matte, which is an intermediate product used in the manufacture of refined nickel with an average content of 78% nickel, 1%-2% cobalt and 20%-21% sulfur. The average nickel production volume per year reaches 75,000 metric tons. All of our production is sold under long term contracts denominated in US dollars to Japanese refiners.

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