Anti-corruption program


Anti-corruption program

Vale's Code of Conduct has a chapter dedicated to the company's Global Anti-Corruption Program. That is because Vale has zero tolerance towards corruption, and believes that abuse of power for obtaining personal gain is not a fair way to do business. The Company provides various channels that stakeholders can use to send information or reports on any violations or indications of corruption.

The program's main documents are the Code of Conduct, the Global Anti-Corruption Policy and the Global Anti-Corruption Manual. Based on that, we developed PT Vale's Anti-Corruption Policy and Anti-Corruption Compliance Guidelines, adjusted to the prevailing regulations in Indonesia.

Sosialisasi Manual Antikorupsi

To support efforts to build a compliance and anti-corruption culture, the Company conducted various socialization events. PT Vale did conduct Anti-Corruption Training Refresher to employees on annual basis, as well as to the public and other stakeholders. Priority anti-corruption training programs for employees, including the Procurement section, External Relations and licensing section, Human Resources section, and other employees whose jobs involve interacting with government institutions or officials.

Every year, on the World Anti-Corruption Day, an email is sent to all employees, in which the CEO and the general consultant reinforce Vale's values and zero tolerance for any kind of corruption.

To help, PT Vale has implemented e-procurement as an approach to minimize the risk of corruption. The e-procurement application forms part of the contract management transparency. All contracts contain a clause to not commit bribery and/or corruption.