Governance policy

Corporate Governance

Governance policy

The existence of policies and practices of corporate governance and operation shall support our commitment to do what is right by providing frameworks for implementing disclosure, integrity, trust and compliance in each of our activities

Our company is supported by various internal policies that provide guidance in applying the principles of good corporate governance. Some of the internal policies include the Charter of the BOC, Charter of the BOD, Charter of the Corporate Governance Committee, Charter of the Audit Committee, Charter of Internal Audit, and various internal policies and procedures.

As an illustration, the relationship between each of the above is as follows:

company policy hierarchy
  • Policies (POL): Determine, in general, common guidelines as well as the company’s principles and values.
  • Norms (NOR): Determine decision rights, general rules and limits of authority associated with a macro-process or matter that has relevance for PT Vale as a whole, complementing and detailing the policies when appropriate and in accordance with them.
  • Instructions (INS): Describe rules for processes interfaces (or interfaces between processes) and responsibilities that involve distinct organizational units, in accordance with Policies and Norms. There is a collegiate review by the BoD that is signed by the Process Owner responsible for the process and/or for the interface rules established in this document and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  • Procedures: Refer to the detailing of a process.

Code of ethics and conduct

Vale believes that everything starts with ethics and integrity. Vale's Code of Conduct brings the company's ethical principles together, which are based on our values and our purpose. The goal is to guide all those who act on Vale´s behalf on how to behave correctly, to overcome dilemmas and always make the best decisions in an ethical and responsible manner.

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