Clean AER


Clean AER

The Clean Atmospheric Emissions Reduction project (CleanAER) contributed to an 85% reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions and a 40% reduction in metal particulates at our operations in Sudbury, Canada. Another important result was a 40% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the Smelter.

Finished in 2018, Vale’s investment is historic: The total investment is US$ 792 million and shows the importance of sustainability in our actions.

SO2 emission reduction

The completion of our Clean AER Project is a historic milestone that demonstrates how far we have come as a company in reducing our environmental footprint. It is something that all of us at Vale and our local community can be very proud of.

Ricus Grimbeek, director of North Atlantic Basic Metals Operations and Asian Refineries

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The project started in 2012 and, as of May 2018, the sulfur dioxide gas leaving our company operations in Sudbury began to pass through a wet gas cleaning, which, prevent it from going through the chimney to the environment.

US$ 792
million investment

85% reduction
in Sulphur Dioxide

40% reduction
in Green House Gas

The project included the construction of two converters, a wet gas cleaning plant and, a new baghouse and fan building.

In addition to the positive environmental impact, the project benefited local suppliers and the community, generating approximately 550 jobs during construction.