S11D Eliezer Batista Complex

About S11D


The world’s best iron ore

Running simultaneously in Pará and Maranhão, the S11D project will increase production in Carajás, where we produce the highest quality iron ore in the world. The project includes the mine, power plant, ports and rail logistics.


US$ 16 - 17 billion

US$ 16 - 17 billion will be invested in this project, of which US$ 6,8 billion will go towards the installation of the new mine and plant. The rest will be invested in logistics.
* Estimated Capex


metric tons of iron ore
This is the project´s estimated production once it is fully operating, which is expected to be by 2018. This is enough to fill 225 Valemax ships, the largest ore carriers in the world


metric tons per year
This will be Vale’s total iron ore production in Pará when the S11D project is operating at full capacity. Current production is at 109 million metric tons per year
X > Expansion of Carajás Railroad

504 Km

Remodeling of existing lines

226 Km

X > Expansion of Ponta da Madeira Port Terminal Expansion of Ponta da Madeira Port Terminal
X > Construction of highway in municipality of Canaã dos Carajás Construction of highway in municipality of Canaã dos Carajás
X > Construction of railroad branch line in southeast Pará

104 Km

Sustainable technology

> Our experience of over 30 years in the development of technology and management systems has been brought together for this project. Solutions such as utilizing natural humidity for ore processing and conveyor belts reduce energy consumption and allow for a low-impact operation

Less water

A 93% reduction in water consumption compared with the conventional process 86% of the water captured on site will be reused

Less energy

About 70% reduction in fuel consumption 18,000 MW of electricity will be saved every year Through the use of 37 kilometers of conveyor belts. The bulk of equipment will also be powered by electricity, thereby cutting diesel consumption
Job creation  

*The quantitative data presented about the S11D project are estimates

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