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The largest nickel mining companies in Indonesia

PT Vale operation in Sorowako, Indonesia.

Established in July 1968, PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (PT Vale) is a company with a license from the Government of Indonesia to explore, mine, process and produce nickel. As sole contractor of the Government in the areas covered by the CoW, has been granted exclusive rights in specified areas on the Island of Sulawesi to explore, develop, mine, process, store, transport and sell all nickel and nickel-containing minerals in any form and all minerals found in association with nickel in the CoW areas. The CoW also grants PT Vale all necessary licenses and permits to conduct its operations, including certain expansions of our operations, as provided for in the CoW.

PT Vale is a subsidiary of Vale, a multi-mining corporation headquartered in Brazil. Vale is a global leader in iron ore production and second largest nickel producer in the world. Find out more

Global Presence

The first and only company to sign a Contract of Work amendment

PT Vale Contract of Work map  

In 2014, PT Vale became the first and only company to complete the negotiation of its Contract of Work (CoW) amendment, as required under the Mineral and Coal Law of 2009. As a result, PT Vale has fulfilled the requirements of the law and has secured a stable regulatory foundation for our future. Now we operate Contract of Work area totaling 118,439 hectares in Sorowako, Bahodopi (Centrak Sulawesi) and Pomalaa (Southeast Sulawesi).

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Our operation

Vale Eco Centre in the Teluk Rubiah Forest

PT Vale operates one of the world’s largest integrated lateritic nickel mining and processing operations, located near Sorowako on the Island of Sulawesi in the Republic of Indonesia. Our business operations consist of mining and processing ore to nickel in matte product, a product used in making refined nickel. Our Production in 2014 was 78,726 tonnes of nickel in matte. This is PT Vale’s highest-ever production, surpassing the previous record of 76,727 tonnes in 2007.

Our processing plant, located at Sorowako, includes three oil-fired rotary dryers, five oil-fired reduction kilns, four electric furnaces and three Pierce-Smith converters. We have established and maintain the supporting infrastructure, including port facilities, roads to transport and ship our final granulated product, and a fuel terminal at Mangkasa Point, which is equipped with fuel pumps and is connected to fuel storage tanks at the plant by a 12-inch pipeline.

Distribution of shares

Given our excellent nickel reserves and resources, we provide a reliable, long-term supply to downstream nickel consumers, especially in Japan, where our output is shipped. All our nickel in matte production is committed to be sold to Vale Canada Limited (VCL) and Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. (SMM), with sales agreement​s that provide for 80% of our annual production being purchased byVCL and 20% by SMM, based on a formula derived from the London Metal Exchange (LME) price.

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