Whistleblower system

Whistleblower system

Whistleblower system

Vale Whistleblower ChannelPT Vale has established a whistleblower system, known as the Vale Whistleblower Channel or VWC to serve as an alternative channel for reporting alleged or suspected violations of the CoEC. It is one way in which PT Vale is enhancing its ethical values, together with sound corporate governance principles and adherence to prevailing laws.

VWC is a reporting service that is managed independently and professionally by a whistleblowing service provider company in Indonesia. Reports can be made in Bahasa Indonesia or English, and will be responded to and investigated further by procedures that protect the rights of the complainant and reported according to the law.

Examples of possible reportsincude: fraud, corruption, theft, violation of PT Vale’s policies, con ict of interest, nancial statement fraud, bribery, harassment, discrimination, violation of environmental, health and safety.

Submission of violation reports

PT Vale promotes an open and transparent culture within the Company. Therefore, violations are expected to be avoided before incidents occur. Employees, who do have concerns, be it related to safety, health, environment or ethics, are encouraged to bring them forward. 

Whistleblower protection system

PT Vale will not tolerate retaliation. Retaliation is regarded as misconduct. All employees are encouraged to le reports on any and all cases of retaliation.

PT Vale promises con dentiality, independence (no intervention), impartiality and immunities in the handling, investigation and ling of information received through VWC. The rights of the rapporteur and those who are reported will both be respected. No retaliation will be tolerated against those who use the VWC in good faith.

Avenues and handling of reports through VWC

Report can be made through the following options to contact VWC:

1) Telephone number: 0 800 100 2233

This is a toll-free telephone number. A report through this toll-free telephone number can be made without giving any credentials.

2) Facsimile: +62 21 2993 8456 Reporting form can be downloaded at http:// valewhistleblowerchannel.tipoffs.info.

3) Email: vwc@tipoffs.info

4) Website VWC: http://valewhistleblowerchannel.tipoffs.info

5) Send a letter to: Vale Whistleblower Channel, PO Box 3035, JKP 10030

The report form is downloadable from http:// valewhistleblowerchannel.tipoffs.info.

6) Short Message Service (SMS): +62 812 8040 0622

All submitted reports via VWC will be sent to the Ethics and Conduct Office for further determination on whether or not an investigation is required to be undertaken. Investigation may be conducted internally or by an appointed external party, it will depend on the nature of the report.

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