Major and controlling shareholders


Major and controlling shareholders

PT Vale’s parent company is Vale Canada Limited, and the ultimate controlling entity is Vale S.A. (Vale), a public company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Brazil.

Structure of majority and controlling shareholders

In August 2017, Vale S.A. concluded the merger of its former controlling shareholder Valepar S.A. (“Valepar”) into Vale S.A., and the former shareholders of Valepar became direct shareholders of Vale S.A.

Vale S.A.’s current corporate capital is composed of 5,284,474,770 common shares and twelve golden shares issued to the Brazilian government. The twelve golden shares have veto powers over certain actions, such as changes to our name, the location of our headquarters and our corporate purpose as it relates to mining activities.

Find out more about Vale’s Shareholding structure

The following table sets forth information regarding ownership of Vale S.A. shares by the previous controlling shareholders, as of December 31, 2018.

Shareholders Number of shares %
Litel participações S.A. (Litel) 1,075,773,534 20.4%
Bradespar S.A 296,009,366 5.6%
​Mitsui ​286,347,055 ​5.4%
BNDESPAR 342,484,176 ​6.5%