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Vale Investors and Media is an app designed principally for investors and the press, the aim is to keep this specific audience updated on strategies, results and company news. The app is available for smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android operating systems.

Vale Investors and Media has simple and intuitive navigation, allowing the user to access a vast amount of content and to find information more easily.

What can I see with the app?

  • Home page

  • Menu

  • Search

  • Releases Gallery for Investors

  • Releases for Investors

  • Releases Gallery for Media

  • Relases for Media

  • Annual Reports

  • Sustainability Report

  • Presentations Gallery

  • Presentation

  • Video Gallery

  • High-quality videos

  • Photo gallery

  • High-quality photos

  • Add events to calendar

  • Share information

  • Real time updates from wherever you are
  • Search and share photos from the archive
  • Consult archives and published reports
  • Listen to interviews and recordings of Vale conferences
  • Watch high definition videos
  • Receive notifications when a file is updated or a new release is published
  • Find archives and releases quickly and easily
  • Synchronize Vale events in your phone’s calendar
  • Review the latest Vale presentations
  • Insert personalized markings in files available in the app and save them as working notes
  • Share the apps information with other people
  • Save the most important information for your day to day offline and access it without need for internet access

Download the app

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