Follow the news from Vale with the RSS

  • What is the RSS?

    RSS technology allows you to immediately be notified when topics you are interested in are updated on Vale’s website. Utilizing XML (Extensible Markup Language) technology, the RSS file (also called feed) sends you the title and the beginning of the text of interest. To access the entire section, simply click on the text.

  • How does it work?

    Before using the RSS service, you must visit one of the sites mentioned below and install an RSS reader on your computer.

    After installing the program, you select the RSS feeds you are interested in receiving (consult the ‘help’ section).

    Once you have finished with the configuration of the feed, go back to your page of interest on the Vale site and click on the RSS icon. Whenever there is an update to this page, you will be notified.



  • Advantages

    - You have access to the most recent Vale news in real time, without having to access the Company site or wait for it to be published by the press;

    - In addition to the Vale site, you can follow the news from other sites that use the RSS, such as various news agencies;

    - You select the subjects of your preference, using your time more productively;

    - It’s all automatic: all you have to do is install the aggregator (RSS reader program) and wait for the updates.


  • RSS Feed Readers

- FeedReader (Win) -

    - Mozilla Firefox (Mozilla) -

- Newsgator (Web) -

    The content, maintenance and availability of the sites herein indicated are the responsibility of their owners, being that Vale has no responsibility or relationship whatsoever with the same.