Our Promise


Our Promise

Employee achievement is a pride for us. Vale Indonesia appreciates the extraordinary efforts from our employees to be able to exceed what the expectations. Able to innovate and develop, we provide opportunities and recognition of the employee.

To attract and retain the best talent, we offer a competitive remuneration for those who have the best performance. Of course not only that, Vale Indonesia is a place for employees to learn, grow, and contribute to improving their talents and abilities.

Life and safety is our core value. Company develop and implement an occupational health and safety guide (OSH) which are listed in the Major Hazard Standards (MHS), Golden Rules and RAC (Critical Activity Requirements).

The rights of employee

1. Employees are entitled to a salary and benefits according to their roles and positions.

2. Every employee is entitled to a bonus from the company, religious holiday allowance (THR), loans (loan), leave, and health insurance

3. The company provides health care services to employees and their families in hospitals owned by the company and its associates.

4. Saving plan is a retirement savings program for employees who are managed by insurance agencies agreed, that the policy held by the company. Employees are also included in the social security program.

5. The company provides dormitory for single employees and housing for employees who are already married.

6. The company provides sports facilities, such as golf courses, tennis courts, soccer field, basketball court, futsal court, and a jogging track.

7. The company provides educational facilities from kindergarten to high school for the children of employees.

8. The company ensures gender equality in employment.