Testimonials from Indonesia


Testimonials from Indonesia

The stories we create are the stories that define us. See what our employees have to say about working at Vale:

  • Samsuddin Syarifuddin

    Samsuddin Syarifuddin
    Leading Firefighter - Indonesia

    "Now we have three stations and the latest, most advanced response vehicles."

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  • Sitti Halipa

    Sitti Halipa
    HR Officer - Indonesia

    "I feel that PT Vale is the right place to build my career; this view has been reinforced by my experience of working in an environment that is supportive of employees’ performance."

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  • Marsuki Salang

    Marsuki Salang
    Process Plant Maintenance Instructor - Indonesia

    "The work atmosphere at Vale is extremely dynamic and it has given me the chance to develop my potential."

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  • Basri Kambatu

    Basri Kambatu
    Manager Mining Safety Improvement Project - Indonesia

    "I have been proud of this company’s professionalism, discipline and frequent support in assisting its employees’ efforts to increase their capability."

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  • Mulawarman Arfah

    Mulawarman Arfah
    Manager Logistics - Indonesia

    "In future, I hope PT Vale can become a benchmark for mining companies in Indonesia."

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  • Setiono Tengkano

    Setiono Tengkano
    Safety Coordinator Mine Operation - Indonesia

    "Vale is very caring and has the goodwill to build harmonious relationships with stakeholders, particularly local communities."

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  • Lydia Yohana

    Lydia Yohana
    Administration Officer - Indonesia

    "PT Vale recruits competent people and positions them in the right places."

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  • Lili Nuria Lubis

    Lili Nuria Lubis
    Manager of Environment - Indonesia

    "Vale provides an opportunity for employees to develop their knowledge."

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  • Mohammad Arief Tella

    Mohammad Arief Tella
    Mobile Equipment Maintenance Mechanic - Indonesia

    "My work colleagues are supportive and we care for each other. Also, the great variety of tasks means the job is not boring."

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  • Atma Gamara

    Atma Gamara
    Mechanical Civil Designer - Indonesia

    "For me, Vale is a workplace that is safe, enjoyable and provides welfare. The company is my second home."

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  • Edy Tangke Layuk

    Edy Tangke Layuk
    Mine Environment Engineer - Indonesia

    "At Vale, I work not only for the company’s sake, but for building life itself."

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  • Erice Tungka

    Erice Tungka
    Heavy Equipment Operator - Indonesia

    "PT Vale is very open to career development. Whoever wants to improve themselves and is performing well has the chance to be promoted."

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