Opportunities in Indonesia


Opportunities in Indonesia

Ready to join a Global organization?

Vale is constantly growing and changing with the world and we invite you to be part of our evolution.

Yes, we want to know your potential. Whether in the operation or in the administrative office, we value, train and develop our people for innovative and challenging careers throughout the countries where we operate. For us, a variety of perspectives are not only welcome – they are essential to our success.

Fraud On Job Vacancy

PT Vale do not collect any fees from prospective employees, neither money transfer nor cash.

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Global opportunities

Select your country of interest and read about opportunities that may be of interest to you. Each Vale location undergoes its own unique selection process.

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PT Vale Employment Opportunities

We are a global company with headquarters in Brazil, providing career opportunities through recruitment and professional training programs in our different business areas.

Find the most suitable opportunity for your professional profile and come and be part of our history.

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