Become Our Supplier in Indonesia


Become Our Supplier in Indonesia

If your company would like to become a Vale supplier, you can download and complete the registration form by clicking here or registering on our E-Procurement system.

A thoroughly completed form gives us information on your company and will help us understand the type and scope of the goods and services you wish to offer. The information you give us will be kept in an archive at Vale, and will be used to evaluate the suitability of the business and the goods and/or services you have to offer.


We recognize that our partners play a vital role and function for the operation and business sustainability of PT Vale Indonesia, Tbk (PT Vale). With us, our partners work and support PT Vale's production chain at various levels and sectors. That is why we encourage business transactions that provide optimal added value through a standard, fair and quality tender process. E-Procurement is a system of procurement of goods and services electronically through web-based applications. The system covers all tender stages ranging from vendor registration, pre-qualification, tender process (goods and services), and contract management.

Documents to Be Attached by Suppliers

  • TDP/SIUP/NPWP/ Jamsostek Registration (for Indonesian companies).
  • Latest Financial Report.
  • Company Deed.
  • SIUJP (only for service providers based in Indonesia)

PT Vale Indonesia Tbk may request other information before starting business with your company.

Prequalification of Vale Contractors/Suppliers

We apply a prequalification process in selecting our contractors/suppliers. This is an initial selection through which we assess the technical capability, policy on quality, organization, and financial capability of a company undertaking a job at Vale. This stage is conducted prior to the tender process.

A year later―if they become a Vale contractor/supplier―we will consider changing the company’s qualification and classification by examining its track record from the previous year.