PT Vale Suppliers Registration Form

PT Vale Suppliers Registration Form

Download and complete the contractor/supplier registration form. Click here to obtain the form.

Note the guidelines above on completing the form. When this is done, please email the documents to You will receive a receipt from us after you have submitted the form. Please be reminded that submitting this supplier registration form and obtaining a receipt from us does not mean we have given our approval or a ‘passed-prequalification’ status to a supplier. The awarding of a business by Vale always follows existing procedures which consist of a bidding process, evaluations and negotiations.

Guidelines on Completing the Vendor Registration Form

Several questions must be answered on the Vendor Registration Form. The following is a guideline on how to respond:

  • This form must be completed prior to its submission. On the form banner, you will see the word ‘INCOMPLETE’. This will automatically change to ‘COMPLETE’ once all mandatory questions have been answered. Ensure you only send completed forms, that is, forms with ‘COMPLETE’ written across the banner. Incomplete forms will be rejected by our system.
  • This form consists of several sections, each of which contains the word ‘INCOMPLETE’. Again, this will automatically change to ‘COMPLETE’ once all mandatory fields in that section have been filled.
  • Fields marked ‘*’ are mandatory.
  • Several questions can only be answered using specific responses, or validations. You can recognize these types of questions when a down arrow appears as you place your cursor on the answer field. Your answer will appear in a list of validations; you will receive an error message if your answer does not correspond with anything on the list. To respond to these types of questions, click on the arrow to bring up the dropdown list of possible answers. Choose an answer by clicking on it.
  • The date must be filled using a DD-MMM-YYYY format, e.g., 26-Feb-2012. An error message will appear if you use any other format. In the section ‘Classification Information’, choose the classification of your business by typing ‘Ya/Yes’, or click the down arrow to bring up ‘Ya/Yes’. Leave the field empty if your business does not belong to a classification.
  • You may add up to 4 more classifications in the ‘Classification Information’ section. To make the addition, move your cursor to the end of ‘Classification Information’. The ‘Classification Information’ section will be considered ‘COMPLETE’ when at least one business classification has been selected and/or you have added at least one other classification.
  • Several supporting documents are required to accompany the form. Please include these documents when you send the Vendor Registration form to us.

What Next?

We will store your company’s information for future reference. The information you have provided will only be shared with those who are involved in the procurement of goods and/or services at Vale and, possibly, with companies affiliated to Vale as well. We will contact you if we are interested in one or more goods and services from you.

Thank you for your interest in working with Vale.

PT Vale Indonesia Tbk
Supplier Registration Information Contact Email: Registration[dot]Vendor[at]vale[dot]com