Controlling and decreasing emissions

Nickel for life

Controlling and decreasing emissions

PT Vale sets up the facility of baghouse and dust filtration device called electrostatic precipitator (ESP).

The main emissions resulting from the production process are SO2 (sulphur dioxide). SO2 emissions have the potential to cause acid rain and result from the use of HSFO in the reduction kilns.The Company seeks to reduce SO2 levels as a step to reduce emissions. The Company has developed plans and targets to improve the stability and SO2 emission quality standards by massively decreasing the intensity from 0.86 kg SO2/kg Ni to 0.80 kg SO2/kg Ni in 2019.

The Company, with representatives from Vale Base Metal business in Canada, formed a special panel team to ensure SO2 reduction plans and targets can be achieved. The team is called SERP (SO2 Emission Reduction Program). Each quarter the SERP team reviews the SO2 emission intensity performance and the projects within it.

Data: Annual Report PT Vale Indonesia Tbk 2017

HSFO replacement

The Company also continues its program of replacing HSFO with coal in its dryers. The HSFO replacement is intended to support the achievement of SO2 emission reduction targets. The monitoring and measurement conducted during 2017 shows that the average emission of SO2 is 0.75 kg SO2/kg Ni. Thus it’s fulfilling the threshold of 0.86 SO2/kg Ni as regulated in the 2014 LH No. 4.

The average emission level of SO2 in 2017 was higher than the average SO2 emission of 0.72 kg SO2/kg Ni in 2016.

Chimney quality assessment

The Company also conducts monitoring and quality assessments of its dryers, the reduction kilns and its smelting furnaces. Monitoring and measurement is performed by an accredited independent laboratory, in accordance with the 2014 Minister of Environment Regulation No. 4 on Emission Quality Standards.

From the 2017 monitoring and assessment results, the particulate parameters for the Company still meet the emission quality standards of nickel processing activities.

Data: Annual Report PT Vale Indonesia Tbk 2017