Reclamation and post-mining plan

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Reclamation and post-mining plan


PT Vale is committed to carrying out reclamation as part of the Post-RPT Plan (RPT) in accordance with 2010 Government Regulation No. 78 on Reclamation and Post-mining.

The Company’s commitment to carrying out land rehabilitation starts with land clearance. The Company has implemented a policy of keeping total open mine areas below 1,450 ha. Post-mining land rehabilitation is carried out with a backfilling system, using top soil and other soil layers from the stripping process.

Post-mining rehabilitation stages include the arrangement or formation of land faces with reforestation slope standards, the return of top soil and other soil layers, erosion control, drainage development, road construction for vegetation, reforestation, crop maintenance and monitoring success.

During 2017, rehabilitated land area totaled 53 ha. Thus, by the end of 2017, total rehabilitated land to date has reached 4,154 ha.

Nursery and biodiversity

Nursery PT Vale Indonesia Tbk
Besides supporting the land rehabilitation, our nursery has also become a tourist destination for the community.

To support full-land rehabilitation activities, PT Vale has established a 2.5-hectare nursery that has been operating since April 2006.

The nursery produces an average of 700,000 seedlings and rehabilitates more than 100 ha of post-mining land per year.

PT Vale's nursery also produces various native and endemic species of plants as part of the biodiversity conservation program. Local plants include betao, bitti, nyatoh, and forest mangosteen. While for the endemic plants, there are ebony and dengen fruit. The local plant seeds are collected from the land to be mined or from the cooperation with the local community.

Pemantauan hasil rehabilitasi
The seeds of local plants in the land to be mined are collected and brought to the nursery to be cultivated.

Before mining activities were carried out, PT Vale ensured that no protected fauna or flora species were found at the mining site.

In an effort to conserve biodiversity, PT Vale has a post-mining plan and biodiversity management for 100% of mining operation areas in the Sorowako block that refers to 2014 ESDM Minister Regulation No. 7 on Reclamation and Post-Mining.

We collaborate with the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD) in compiling the Guide for Sustainable Biodiversity Management. The document, released in 2017, becomes the first ever in the Indonesian mining business for biodiversity conservation activities.