Renewable energy development and energy efficiency

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Renewable energy development and energy efficiency

Balambano hydropower plant, one of the three hydropower plants that we manage. Built in 1995 and started operations in 1999.

Energy is required for mining operations, mining material transportation, and processing at refining facilities. Energy requirements are met from fuel consumption and electricity supplied by power plants.

The fuels include High Sulfur Fuel Oil (HSFO) and High-Speed Diesel (HSD), used for heavy equipment and transport vehicles. In addition, coal is used in the drying furnace and HSFO for reduction kilns. Electricity is used in the refining furnaces and also other supporting activities.

In five decades, PT Vale has built and been operating three hydropower plants with a total capacity of 365 Megawatts. PT Vale's clean energy use has begun in the early years of the Company's operations.

The existence of the three hydropower plants is able to reduce the Company's dependence on fossil fuels to supply energy to the processing plant.


Read the profile and technical data of our three hydropower plants here

PT Vale also uses biodiesel as a fuel for the Company's operational motor vehicles. Gradually, we are trying to increase the concentration of biofuel in the biodiesel by up to 20% according to 2015 ESDM Minister Regulation No. 12 on Provision, Utilization, and Commerce of Vegetable Fuels as Other Fuels.