Our strategy ​and commitments​

Our approach to sustainability

Our strategy ​and commitments​


Sustainability Strategy

Support sustainable development in the region and enhance PT Vale’s reputation with the community

Principle Guide
  • Induction of a low carbon chain
  • Shared value generation
  • Territorial development
  • Kepercayaan dan kredibilitas
    1. Transparency and listening
    2. Response Agility
    3. Participatory process
    4. Embody different view
    5. Find converging paths
  • Clear and measurable KPIs

We carry out strategic priorities as a form of our commitment to maintaining sustainability in every activity we undertake. Our Sustainability Strategy develop to 2025.

Main Sustainability Strategic Priorities

Net Zero Emission
  • Implement the Green PROPER environmental compliance agenda, compliance audit, emission targets, and monitoring system
  • Develop a roadmap and implementation toward carbon neutral in stages (33% reduction of GHG emissions by 2030 from 2017 baseline)
  • Finalize the social agenda: relocation of Dongi and land encroachment
High Performance Culture
  • Complete succession planning
  • Implement IMPACT & rolemodeling training
  • Implement the Supervisor Training Program
  • Carry out Superior Employee Training (PKU)
  • Prepare for diversity and inclusion
  • Implement programs to overcome performance problems
  • Improve the quality of VPS implementation
Environmental protection & management
  • Reclaim 70% of postmining land progressively by 2025
  • Carry out rehabilitation outside the contract area of work
  • Implementing biodiversity conservation programs
  • Implement waste reduction and utilization
  • Implement water efficiency and reduce pollution load
  • Implement an environmental management system consistently
Obsessed with Risk and Safety Zero N1 and N2
  • Complete the followup HIRA and implement critical controls
  • Reproduce N3 & Hi-Po non-energy release reports
  • Promote the Golden Rules, INS003, and RAC/MHS
  • Set up Integrated Operations Control (COI)
  • Complete the Health program and facilities repair
  • Implementing the Leadership in the Field (LIF) program
90KT Sorowako - 70KT Bahodopi - 40KT Pomalaa
  • Improve ore quality by reducing dilution and moisture content
  • Reduce operating variability - kiln standby and stability of the power supply
  • Complete the Continuous Improvement (CI) process plant and mass-balance synchronization program
  • Implement a de-bottle necking program
  • Mineral conservation by utilizing low-grade ore (limonite)
Asset Integrity and Maintenance Adherence
  • Implement Zero-Based Maintenance Integrity program from the 2012 assessment
  • Implement immersion to improve supply chain & maintenance synergy

From the main sustainability strategy priorities until 2025, PT Vale has established sustainability strategies for 2022, as we did in 2021. These strategies focus on our commitments to reduce climate change; energy and water efficiency; conserving forests; and increasing social contribution; as a transitional step to Net Zero Emission mining.

PT Vale implements a sustainability strategy through the four Pillars Goals with a focus on the five Goals for the future.

Pillar Goals

Sustainability Strategy

Serving the communities by contributing to all From the beginning, PT Vale has served the communities. Turning natural resources into self-sufficientareas, contributing to the development of the country. Currently PT Vale serves the communities by providing what they need and want, including mining materials and other resources to improve their quality of life. While preserving the Earth. Creating prosperity for all.

Doing it together

Doing together means listening but our listening will only be valuable if it is comprehensive. Everyone must listen: society, governments, customers, and especially the people who make PT Vale, everywhere PT Vale is. After all, we are the communities. Communities are PT Vale.

Doing together means creating a collective capacity to think, design and realize possible futures for everyone. For mining. For the planet. Creating spaces dialogues that evolve the industry as a whole.

Doing together means acting with responsibility, transparency and consistency. Walking the Talk.

Using Vale’s mobility to do something extraordinary.

All mining companies are required to preserve nature, protect the community, and those involved in the company’s operations.

Transforming the future by taking care of the present.

We are generating development for communities, well-being for society and permanent environmental preservation mechanisms. Leaving the world a better place than when Vale arrived. Putting the benefits intrinsic to mining at the service of society as a whole.

But also: using the knowledge and technical, human, financial and catalytic capacity that PT Vale has developed over the years to rebuild a virtuous cycle of prosperity that points to an inclusive and comprehensive future, in which everyone benefits and PT Vale’s horizons expand to meet the needs of a world in constant transformation.

Recognizing the role of natural resources, but also humanity’s infinite vocation to create and evolve.

Focus for the Future


This is one of the key aspects to increase and regain public trust. Ensuring safety of life and operations is Vale’s priority.


A strong management model is essential to increase the level of operational excellence. Having standards is our way of becoming a unified Vale wherever we operate, as well as contributing to building a more reliable Company.


Our Company is built by human hands – they are the key elements to achieving the future we want.


Investing in innovation, leaving the comfort zone, is the main factor that makes our Company more competitive and profitable.


Contributing to improving environmental conditions, focusing on three dimensions: environmental, social, and governance. This is our new mindset: investing with purpose./p>

2030 Commitments

PT Vale joining Vale Global to strive to achieve 33% absolute reduction of GHG emissions and support the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050.

Vale Global Strategy and Commitments

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