Creating values through social program

PPM at a glance

Creating values through social program

PT Vale is referring to the Community Development and Empowerment (PPM) 2018-2030 Master Plan since the issuance of Regulation Number 25 Year 2018 about Mineral and Coal Mining Business and Decree Number 1824 Year 2018 about Community Development and Empowerment Guidance by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources had been effective. The master plan guides PT Vale in creating development and empowerment purposes, target, corporate governance, policy, operational strategy, programs, and activities that are in line with the Regional Development Plan.

Several strategic levers for the PPM program, namely Education, Health, Economy, Socio-Culture, Environment, Organizational, and Infrastructure are a priority for PT Vale and implemented through 3 (three) support patterns:

Aligned with its operational policy, these three programs are conducted with the spirit of human resources improvement and combined with community organization and partnership.

It is a challenge for all stakeholders to realize the PPM program in a synergy manner while remaining true to those principal spirits. Especially, in a bid to align the governance with compliance to the regulations, values, and norms for ensuring the sustainability of the programs and creating shared values for everyone.

For PT Vale, the improvement of basic services for the public such as infrastructure, education, health, and institutionalized local organizations are important programs that can elevate community economic development in achieving sustainable livelihood. Thus, a variety of support for public facilities and capacity-building improvement is planned and managed through a partnership in a bid to involve all parties in decision making and assessing success indicators of the programs.