Corporate governance

Corporate governance

PT Vale's Nursery in Sorowako, Indonesia

Our Governance Structure try to maximize the value for shareholders in the long term and increase the welfare of the communities in the area of our operations.

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Boards and committees

Vale' Board of Directors sets general guidelines and policies for the company’s business and monitors the implementation of those guidelines and policies by the Board of Commissioners. The Board of Directors is assisted by technical and advisory committees.

Whistleblower system

Vale Whistleblower Channels is a channel for reporting alleged or suspected violations of any of the points described in our CoEC. It is one way in which PT Vale is enhancing its ethical values, together with sound corporate governance principles and adherence to prevailing laws.

Anyone who feels affected by PT Vale due to a violation of the Code of Ethics, our values or did had problems resolved through our company’s service channels, can make an allegation.

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The existence of policies and practices of corporate governance and operation shall support our commitment to do what is right by providing frameworks for implementing disclosure, integrity, trust and compliance in each of our activities

Code of Ethics and Conduct Charter of the BOC Charter of the BOD See more about our Governance policy

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