Sustainability Report


Birds, jaguars, forests and woods – Vale recognizes that biodiversity is ​fundamental to the equilibrium of our planet and the continuity of our businesses.


To avoid or reduce environmental impacts on biodiversity, in addition to continually investing in in​novation and technology, we also implement actions and measures to prevent, control and/or compensate for them.

Such initiatives are defined for all stages of the life cycle of our businesses, and encompass areas both inside and outside our operational ​units.

Photo gallery

Aerial view of Carajás Forest, which we help to preserve through various initiatives. The tayra is one of the species found among the typical fauna of Carajás Forest. Deer are also found in Carajás Forest, which we help to preserve. The tree nursery at the Vale Natural Reserve in Linhares, Espírito Santo, helps to create new forests, producing saplings of native Atlantic Forest species. At the Vale Natural Reserve, we maintain collections of butterflies and plants found in the region. Various monkey species are found at the Vale Natural Reserve. The Purple-throated Euphonia (Euphonia chlorotica), found at the Vale Natural Reserve. The Vale Zoo and Botanical Park is based on a 30-hectare site in Carajás National Forest. Its professionals are dedicated to preserving the region’s native plant and animal species, such as the jaguar. Red-and-green Macaws are also found at the Vale Zoo and Botanical Park. At the Vale Zoo and Botanical Park, animals such as capybaras live in conditions very similar to their natural habitat.


Trout expands biodiversity in Canada

Trout expands biodiversity in Canada

Vale in Canada is developing a rainbow trout breeding project with local partners. The aim is to expand the numbers of this fish in lakes and rivers near the company’s mining operations in Sudbury, Ontario.

Our initiative is helping to expand local biodiversity and preserve this species, which is highly valued in the region.

Beyond the Sustainability Report

Little Macaws in the Wild

Little Macaws in the Wild:

Find out about this project, which aims to return the Little Blue Macaw, a practically extinct species, to its natural habitat.

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Harpy eagles:

Discover one of the world"s biggest birds of prey and find out how we are helping to conserve this species.

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Prote��o de Aves

Bird protection:

We support an initiative in Paraguay in which "junior guardians" help to protect five species of birds threatened by human action.

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