Vale’s Health, Safety and Environment Management System, aims to identify and address risks to the workers, environment and facilities to properly establish the required controls and monitor. It is applicable in different manners throughout the life cycle of the activities, since the receiving of raw material, going through all pelletizing processes till the export of the final product.​​

Health, Safety and Environment protection is a shared responsibility for Vale Employees and contractors taking into consideration all applicable legal requirement and the expectations of interested parties where we operate.

The Commitment of Top Management to maintain a safe work condition for its employees, effectively use natrual resources, comply with legal requirement and achieve zero harm is reflected in its sustainability Policy.

Vale Oman is following the corporate sustainability policy of Vale. It reflects the commitment of top management to the Health, Safety and Environment protection. Below is a summary of it :


Vale Oman is Certified for the ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental Management System”