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Ethics and Conduct Office

Make an allegation

The Ethics and Conduct Office, available for Vale’s internal and external stakeholders, is a proactive, transparent, independent and impartial communications tool for reporting violations or suspected violations of any of the points described in our Code of Conduct.

These may include possible accounting irregularities or improprieties or any other issues related to accounting, auditing, internal controls, standards, policies, ethics, human rights or the environment. The Ethics and Conduct Office may also be used when Vale’s more everyday mechanisms for resolving problems, such as call centres, do not provide an adequate solution to a problem that has already been reported.

If you have any specific question about the Code of Conduct or the Ethics and Conduct Office, please consult our FAQ. If you want to submit a new question or to talk about any other subject, use our contact channel – Contact Us.

Before making an allegation
How to make and who can make an allegation
How is an allegation investigated?

Before making an allegation

Collect as much information as possible about the infraction to help with the investigation.

  • First and last name (of both, the victim and the denounced) and employee ID
  • Where the fact took place (location, city, country)
  • Witnesses
  • Dates
  • Details about the fact
  • Companys, departments or areas involved
  • Information about documents or contracts relative to the violation
  • Other aditional information

The information above is not mandatory to make an allegation, but they can help to make the investigation process faster.

How to make an allegation

You can submit allegations in five different ways:

Important! When making an allegation using the electronic form, by phone or by email, you will receive a protocol number. Access the Ethics and Conduct Office's online platform, platform, insert the protocol number, and check your allegation's status.

Take note of the protocol number. This number is very important to contact you!

Electronic form

Access the electronic forma at the Ethics and Conduct Office page, available here.

Check out the page


Vale’s Ethics and Conduct Office Channel
P.O. Box 521
ZIP Code 06320-971
Carapicuíba – São Paulo - Brazil


Calls are free and there is a specific number for each country, which can be found at the Ethics and Conduct Office webpage.

Follow up your allegation

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Who can make an allegation?

Anyone who feels negatively affected by Vale due to a violation of the Code of Ethical Conduct or our values, or who has a problem that has not been resolved through the company’s everyday channel, may use the Ethics and Conduct Office.

  • Allegations may be made in the official language of your country of origin, and whenever possible they should feature enough details to enable the reported facts to be investigated.
  • Whenever or not those making allegations identify themselves, their anonymity is always guaranteed.
  • Anonymous allegations will be investigated provided that they feature enough data and information to enable a proper investigation and that they are permitted by the country’s legislation.

Attention: an allegation is different from a criticism or complaint. Some situations may be referred to the local HR or manager, but, if you feel embarrassed or are afraid of retaliations, you may and should contact the Ethics and Conduct reporting channels. In order to clear doubts, Vale also keeps a Contact Us communication channel, available on our website and which deals with internal and external audiences.

How is an allegation investigated?

The Ethics and Conduct Office respond directly to Vale’s Administration Counsel and, for that reason, is impartial in its work, especially in the investigation of allegations. You can trust us! Confidentiality is guaranteed in all cases and any allegation will be received and treated carefully by the responsible team.​​​​​​​

To treat an allegation, there is a formal process conducted by the Ethics and Conduct office.

  • Complainant

    The complainant makes an allegation in one of the Ethics and Conduct Reporting Channels.
  • Review

    Allegations are reviewed to check if they have sufficient information for determination and then are classified according to criticality and topic.
  • Verification

    After the analysis, allegations are determined and the stakeholders are informed.
  • Closure

    For confirmed cases, the determination result is shared with the leadership, and an action plan is defined to handle the identified problems.
  • Feedback

    The result is sent to the allegation author, and the action plan is performed by the responsible people.