​Serving society,​ giving back to all

At our origin, we existed to serve society. Transforming natural resources into cities, developing countries. Today, the hope is that Vale will serve society’s needs with raw material and other resources that improve people’s lives. Taking care of the planet. Creating prosperity for all.

Vale’s is a story about transformation. The transformation of mineral resources. Of the country. Of the company, that is now in five continents, global. Until Brumadinho. 

However, with the tragedy came the most important transformation of all: that of the people. From Brumadinho, a new Vale emerges, ready to use all its resources to turn itself into a company in service of the world’s transformation.

Using Vale’s mobilizing capacity to create something extraordinary

Every mining company is pressured to take better care of the planet, of communities, of people. But only Vale lived through and still live the tragedies of Mariana and Brumadinho.​

How much were these moments able to begin a process of transformation for Vale?​

The sum of the massive emotional baggage that today permeates the company, with its historic capacity to overcome challenges with a courageous and pioneering spirit, brings responsibility and the opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Vale’s transformation does not exist without each individual’s transformation.


What do we believe in?

Life matters most

We believe that life is more important than material results and goods, and we incorporate this vision in our business decisions.

Act with Integrity  

We build trusting relationships and promote open and transparent communication, acting with respect and integrity.

Make it happen

We are engaged, responsible and disciplined about generating results and overcoming challenges. We act in the pursuit of excellence, being sustainable and reliable.


Why do we exist?

Vale exists to improve life and transform the future. Together.

We believe mining is essential to the world’s development. We only serve society when we generate prosperity for all and take care of the planet.  

This is our purpose.  

Working together,​ Learning Together

Working together means listening. But listening is only worth anything if it encompasses society, governments, clients, and, most importantly, the people that make up Vale. After all, we are the communities. The communities are Vale. ​

Working together means cultivating a collective capacity to think, project and realise possible futures for all. For mining. For the planet. Creating​ a space for conversations that evolve the industry as a whole.​

Working together means acting with responsibility, transparency and coherency. Walking the Talk. Creating a genuine system that allows Vale to constantly transform itself for the better. 

Transforming the future, taking care of the present

Enticing development in communities, well-being in society and permanent mechanisms for environmental preservation. Leaving the world better than it was when Vale arrived. Giving back more than we are taking. Making the inherent benefits of mining in service of society as a whole. ​

But also: using our knowledge, our technical, human, and financial resources and the political articulations Vale has developed over the years to reconstruct a virtuous cycle of prosperity that points to the future. An inclusive and all-encompassing future in which all benefit and Vale’s horizons extend themselves to fulfill the necessities of an ever-changing world.

Acknowledging the role of natural resources but also the endlessness of humanity’s vocation to create and evolve.

Value the people who build our Company  

We trust people, and together we build a work environment admired by all. We seek lifelong learning and personal growth.

Respect our planet and communities

We are committed to economic, social and environmental development in our business decisions.