Mining By Women: mining is also a space for women from the LGBTQIA+ community


Mining By Women: mining is also a space for women from the LGBTQIA+ community


There is nothing more liberating than being who you are, without fearing prejudice, including at your workplace. And, aiming to build an increasingly welcoming Vale, we have invested in initiatives that boost diversity in all areas, including what concerns to people from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Understand the meaning of the acronym LGBTQIA+ and get to know our colorful locomotive

From offices to operations, we have been working on actions that not only support, but also encourage our team to be proud of their individualities. One of the ways we've found to reinforce this commitment is the web series Mining By Women, which tells stories about women who are making history at Vale.

In the episode "LGBTQIA+ Women" we feature employees Kelly Silva, Camila Szerman and Rosileide Silva. Learn a little more about their experience in our company:

Kelly Silva, Installations Equipment Operator III

For me, it is a great merit to be part of S11D´s history, the largest iron ore project in the world. I am very happy to maintain direct interaction with mine supervision, open dialogue with my team and our leadership and see that everything has changed. Vale is undergoing a transformation. We are a more humane and prejudice free Vale.”
Camilla Szerman, Engineer  

I see my team as an inspiration. There are a lot of women, black people and LGBT people, all in an operational and front line area. I believe that a team as diverse as mine already says a lot, doesn´t it? It shows the change in leadership behavior and this is a reflection of the cultural transformation that Vale has been implementing.”
Camilla Szerman, Engineer  
Rosileide Silva, Administrative Assistant II  

We need to give people a voice, listen and, above all, learn from them. That is what Mining by Women is all about. It's great to have this moment. My wish is that it repeats itself and inspires many people to be the leader of their own stories inside and outside of Vale.’’

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Beyond Women: Find out what Vale has done for the LGBTQIA+ community:

Information and awareness campaigns for LGBTQIA+ people inclusion;

Voluntary graduation of LGBTQIA+ affinity groups;

Hormone therapy for gender transition as a benefit in the health plan for employees and their dependents;

1st LGBTQIA+ Pride Celebration with virtual show of renowned artists, gathering more than 14,000 participations.

Haven't you seen the episode on LGBTQIA+ women from the series Mining By Women? Check it out below:


Remember, in addition to the already available episodes - about pioneering, ethnicity, people with disabilities and LGBTQIA+, we will still share stories of Vale women who are young talents and others who are in leadership positions. Don't miss it!

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Mining By Women: mining is also a space for women from the LGBTQIA+ community