Our actions stand out because we have innovation as our focus

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Our actions stand out because we have innovation as our focus

When thinking about Information Technology, the first things that come to the minds of many are tools and systems that make our daily tasks easier. But have you stopped to look at how important this area is for development and support for our strategies? No wonder, the IT Architecture team recently won a 'Global Architecture Excellence Award' for creating innovative practices that streamline and simplify our data environment. Marcelo Menard, the head of the Business IT Architecture area, spoke briefly to Vale News on these practices, their improvements and how an international award has a different and motivational role for Vale as a whole. Read on...

The award recognized several practices related to IT Architecture, such as the optimization and rationalization of the data environment. What improvements did it bring and how were these practices important for Vale?

This initiative aims to simplify and modernize Vale's data environment, as well as preparing the area to move our services to the cloud environment. With this optimization project, we had about a 60% cost reduction and we simplified the processes to manage this data bank. In this way, we have been able to increase the availability of this information, improve performance, and provide faster results in relation to the implementation of these banks. In addition, the award also recognized the level of maturity we have achieved after seven years and that has given us greater sustainability and predictability for change.

How is development aimed at improving processes and activities in our company?

The main success factors of our practices are teamwork and the strong alignment between IT and other business areas. We work according to our methodology with the business areas to understand their challenges and, together, find opportunities that simplify processes and use digital solutions. Our actions stand out because we have innovation as a focus and we create commercial value through a journey of digital transformation in the industrial sector, which is known in the market as conservative and slow to embrace changes.

What is the importance of receiving an international award for your area and for Vale?

This international award encourages us to continue looking for opportunities to improve the way Vale works and encourages other teams to share, both inside and outside our company, the excellent and innovative projects we do. Having an international exposure in this area contributes heavily to consolidate our leading image among other companies in the mining industry.

Learn more about the Global Architecture Excellence Awards

In September, the IT Architecture area won the Global Architecture Excellence Awards, which recognizes excellence in companies around the world. The awards took place in Washington, USA. To reach the decision, an international jury conducted a seven-month evaluation by experts in the area andassessed by the American John Zachman. Other organizations have also won awards such as Cisco System and Localiza, recognized in other categories.


Our actions stand out because we have innovation as our focus