Vale informs on the Sul Inferior Dam


Vale informs on the Sul Inferior Dam

Vale informs that today it activated the Level 2 of the Emergency Action Plan for Mining Dams (PAEBM) of the Sul Inferior Dam, of the Gongo Soco Mine, in Barão of Cocais (MG). Due to the heavy rains in the region, there was erosion in the inner part of the structure's reservoir, which nonetheless remains stable.

The residents of the Self-Rescue Zone (ZAS) had already been removed to safe locations in February 2019, when the Sul Superior Dam had emergency level escalated to Level 2.

The Sul Inferior Dam is a tailings and water containment structure, built in a single stage, which is considered one of the safest construction methods. Although it was stable, the structure was reported at Level 1 because it is located downstream of the Sul Superior Dam, which is currently at Level 3.

A containment structure made of concrete, built on an emergency basis, was designed to contain the structure's tailings. The containment structure is 36 meters high and 330 meters long, and it is located 6 kilometers from the dam.

The Sul Inferior Dam is permanently monitored by video cameras and by the Geotechnical Monitoring Center. As a result of the rains above standard limits, Vale increased the number of field teams ready for eventual emergency situations.

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Vale informs on the Sul Inferior Dam