Our people


Our people

The stories we create are the stories that define us. See what our employees have to say about working at Vale in Oman:

Mohammed Al Ajmi 

Plant Operation
"Vale is the other harbor that I have stood in front of after my house to fulfill all its responsibilities."

Elias Zoghbi

Planning Quality and Control Department

‘’After working in Africa for eight years, I was very lucky and glad to be given the opportunity to move to Oman and work for a giant multinational company (Vale Oman). I was really given the chance to expand my experience in the pelletizing field, as well as merge with new and different cultures. The professionalism, collaboration, flexibility, and support that Vale’s working environment provides, cannot be easily found elsewhere. These factors made me feel safe and encouraged me to always seek the best for my team and the company in general when working to achieve our designated target."

Mazoun Al Kalbani

Procurement and Contract Management Department

experience at VALE has been great so far. I have been able to learn a lot in a fast paced environment. I was given easy access to learn new things and treated with respect. At VALE, you have the option to change careers. If you are not satisfied in one area, it is possible to change your focus to another area that makes you happier. I feel that I have grown by working with smart co-workers from different cultures , getting continuous learning and volunteering opportunities. I’m glad I decided to work with VALE.”

Ahmed Al Balushi  

Laboratory Department
"After five years of working in Vale, I can only describe my time here as amazing and precious. Our working environment has been founded on respect, transparency and friendship which allow us to  grow collectively .”      

Thani Al Mamari

Port Operation  

“Vale is the first place I worked for. It is as my second home . I learned and improved a lot. The work environment here is really amazing. Actually I cannot express my feeling in few words.”

Gilvando Farias

Engineering Department 

“Being part of Vale Oman is an indescribable experience, means be immersed in a cultural diversity that converges to the same focus based on mutual respect and on company’s values that puts above all the safety of employees and preservation of the environment for business sustainability. 
This means having the opportunity to learn more in our day to day activities exchanging experiences with our colleagues, sharing our knowledge with young talents, to see their growth and feel pride in seeing that the seeds planted are bearing fruit, is to work in a team motivated to overcome challenges and break records. I am proud to be a part of Vale Oman's history.”

Kesavakumar Ampavalli

Planning Inspection and Control Department

believes in Active Genuine Care. This means “Care for yourself, care for others and let other care for you”. This is the way how Vale makes a difference in the professional and personal life of individuals. For me, the past 5 ½ years in Vale have been an exciting journey with good accomplishments with different team members. Honestly, I have been delighted and enlightened to work with great leaderships with immense commitment towards “Zero Harm” & “Environment protection”. “Taking care for each other” makes us feeling like one family working together with good relationship and communication.”