Commitment to the Sultanate

Commitment to the Sultanate

Commitment to the Sultanate

Vale is a transformational company. It transforms the environment where it operates, the social context where it is present and the economies where it carries out its activities. What does Sustainable Development mean for Vale? It means identifying the countless opportunities for growth that are available, while also recognizing the planet’s physical limits. The company is committed to practicing and promoting the efficient use of this resources, investing in clean energy and acting to mitigate the impact of its operations on climate change. For Vale Sustainable Development also means sharing its opportunities and benefits with society, in particular with the communities, government and local institutions that are directly and indirectly impacted by the company activities. 


Sustainable Operator

Vale has invested to employ advanced technologies in its pelletizing and port operations in order to adhere to the environmental measurement in accordance to the Environmental Regulations of Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs. ISO 14001 Certificate was awarded to Vale in Oman in 2016 reflecting the company commitment to the environmental controls.

The environmental controls that Vale has, place it as one of the companies that are complying with local and global environmental standards, including dust monitoring systems and emissions controls in addition to the Green Belt surrounding the plant and Wind Fence around the stockyard with high efficiency of dust retention.

The company has made a plan to use solar panels in parking spaces and other places, installation started at January 2018, 50 solar panels were purchased and received from a local company. Several solar poles are being installed in parking lots. Another point worth mentioning is the total autonomy of the pole, since it has its own power source (solar panel) and does not connect to the power grid. Through a photo-sensor, the pole lamp automatically turns on at dusk and extinguishes at dawn. Poste Solar brings a new concept of lighting, incorporating a clean, renewable and free energy source, associated with the principles of energy efficiency with the use of high-bright LED lamps.

The company has also implemented the Dry Dust Cruster (DBD) and a special spraying system used to cover the iron ore stockpiles to create a tough and long lasting crust.


Water Spray Cannons​

144 Water Spray Cannons – This equipment is used to spray water on the piles, reclaimers, stackers conveyor belts to control the emission of fine particles.​

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Ambient Air Monitoring is the systematic, long-term assessment of pollutant levels by measuring the quantity and types of certain pollutants in the surrounding, outdoor air.



Placing Concrete and Drainage

The concrete paving and drainage system helps to reduce accumulation of material and improve the housekeeping.​




Spill Plant Improvement  -Ship Unloader

is used to reduce the gap between the ship and the Ship Unloader to avoid iron ore spillages into the sea.





Wind Fences

They act as huge wind barriers surrounding the product storage stockyards. Their function is to reduce the wind speed by reducing drag dust.​


​Green Belt​​

The purpose of a green belt around the industrial site is to capture the fugitive emissions, attenuate the noise generated and improve.​



Dry Dust Cruster DBD

This product is called Dustcruster dry® and consists of a special blend of several types of cellulose fibers pressed to form pellets.



ISO 14001: 2015 Certification

The scope of ISO 14001: 2015 considers Vale in Oman Pelletizing Company for production of iron ore pellets and Vale Oman Distribution Center, blending, storage and distribution of iron ore and relative port activities. This accomplishment places Vale in Oman as a reference for the other units as it is the first unit of Vale to get the ISO 14001 certification, 2015 version.


Local Supply Chain Development

Creating economic value and going beyond by contributing to the development of the regions where we operate is key to​ our business and operations.

To build on this solid foundation, we have awarded contracts to supply our Industrial Complex in Sohar with engineering, human resources and maintenance services. This ensures the sustainability of our company while creating new revenue streams for local entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive. This will result in sharing and creating value, boosting the local supply chain competencies and building long-term relationships.


Job Generation 

We place great value in the diversity of our workforce. We acknowledge one another as equals and respect our differences, recognizing them as opportunities for integration and growth. Vale is committed to the development of Omanis, especially the youth from the North Al Batinah region where our complex is located.


Vale’s strategy has always centered on fostering national talent wherever it operates, empowering them with the means to develop their capacities and expanding their knowledge to new horizons. Since the beginning of our operations in the Sultanate, we have offered diverse training opportunities for our people from various educational backgrounds and specializations at the Pelletizing Plant and Distribution Center.
Vale is committed to investing in employees by recognizing, valuing their contributions and developing their professional skills while meeting the needs of the business. Driven by this mandate, Vale has adopted the 70:20:10 framework in its approach to develop employees.