Commitment to the Sultanate

Commitment to the Sultanate

Commitment to the Sultanate

Environmentally Friendly Operations

Vale considers the sustainability a fundamental pillar in its organization's context and consistent with our environmental policy that contributes for the enhancement of Vale environmental performance. Our vision of sustainable development embraces three dimensions – environmental, social and economic aspects. Vale is committed to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner, to transform natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development in the countries where we engage in business activities. Its industrial complex in Sohar was built with the highest standards throughout its 70 years’ operating in Brazil and around the world.

Our work creates prosperity with social responsibility and respect for the environment​, promoting synergy and harmonious coexistence throughout transparent communication and collaboration with local communities.  One of our greatest strengths it’s our leadership with a strong commitment with proactive initiatives that boost environmental protection, prevention of pollution and to minimization of our environmental footprint.
Some examples of our environmental actions developed in Oman:environmental actions in Oman

Using trees to reduce the dust emissions from Vale’s plant

Using trees to reduce the dust emissions

We have planted a green belt of tall trees in the area between Vale's Industrial Complex and the village closest to our operations: Uqdat Al Mawane.

Job Generation 

We place great value in the diversity of our workforce. We acknowledge one another as equals and respect our differences, recognizing them as opportunities for integration and growth. Vale is committed to the development of Omanis, especially the youth from the North Al Batinah region where our complex is located.




Vale’s strategy has always centered on fostering national talent wherever it operates, empowering them with the means to develop their capacities and expanding their knowledge to new horizons. Since the beginning of our operations in the Sultanate, we have offered diverse training opportunities for Omanis from various educational backgrounds and specializations at the Pelletizing Plant and Distribution Center. To date, Vale has invested more than US$ 20 million in on-the-job training programs and our employees have traveled to Brazil, Japan and Oman for these unique experiences.
Our employees
We have about 670 direct employees and 750 fixed contractors

Local Supply Chain Development

Creating economic value and going beyond by contributing to the development of the regions where we operate is key to​ our business and operations.

To build on this solid foundation, we have awarded contracts to supply our Industrial Complex in Sohar with engineering, human resources and maintenance services. This ensures the sustainability of our company while creating new revenue streams for local entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive. This will result in sharing and creating value, boosting the local supply chain competencies and building long-term relationships.