900 students from Mariana and Barra Longa get ready to go back to school
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900 students from Mariana and Barra Longa get ready to go back to school

2/15/2016 11:00 PM

With Samarco’s support , some 900 students from the districts of Mariana and the municipality of Barra Longa affected by the dam accident are getting ready to start their school year after Carnival, in the second half of February. Buildings were rented and renovated by the Company, new spaces prepared, and the students will also receive help with transportation.

Barra Longa

At the State School Padre Jose Epifanio Gonçalves, the renovation of the social hall and the IT lab was concluded. The chemistry lab and the multi-sports court are still being worked on.

The school will receive the necessary furniture, such as desks, chairs, benches, computers and laboratory instruments, in addition to supplies such as paper, pencils, pens and other important items for class. Some 600 students are enrolled in this school, in the last years of primary and lower secondary education (1st through 9th grade), upper secondary education, education for youths and adults (EJA) and Pronatec (program for National Access to Technical Education and Employment).

The one hundred elementary school students from the Municipal School Jose de Vasconcelos will continue having class in the facility rented, renovated and furnished by Samarco late last year.

In Gesteira, the building that was also prepared in November 2015 to receive the 19 students from primary and lower secondary education is being renovated. This includes new paint and repairs on the roof, flooring and electrical wiring.