Civil Defense of Governador Valadares discusses the Plan for the Rain Season
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Civil Defense of Governador Valadares discusses the Plan for the Rain Season

11/16/2016 7:00 PM

The Renova Foundation has presented, on November 1st, the measures planned for the rain season to the civil defenses of Governador Valadares (MG) and neighboring region. The improvements made to the Water Treatment Stations (ETAs), the building of water ducts for alternative water captation and the drilling of artesian wells are some of the preventive measures to be performed by Renova.

Among the highlights of the meeting, there is the operation of the Command Centers as a way to implement and manage the interface bases with the community and the public power; the environmental monitoring of Doce River and of the water treated in the ETAs; and the program for communication and dialogue. The meeting was attended by the Civil Defense, Military Police, Fire Department and City Hall representatives of Governador Valadares, Belo Oriente, Periquito, Alpercata, Galileia, Conselheiro Pena, Tumiritinga, Resplendor, and Aimorés.

According to the environmental analyst accompanying the plan at Renova Foundation, Luisa Nunes, forums such as this one are important for sharing the plan on all spheres. “In these occasions, we receive information that can lead to improvement, building it together. It is essential to share with those who will be at the service front, working together with the Foundation, such as civil defenses, the target audience of this meeting.”

Renova Foundation

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The Foundation’s role is to restore and re-establish the communities and resources impacted by the collapse and also to replace or compensate for what cannot be remediated, always in an efficient, competent, transparent and ethical manner.

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