Reconstruction Project of Barra Longa town square is completed
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Reconstruction Project of Barra Longa town square is completed

7/4/2016 5:00 PM

Another stage in the town of Barra Longa’s restoration process is over. The project for the reconstruction of Manoel Lino Mol Square is now ready, and the site will be transformed into a multi-use space. Residents will have access to an open-air gym, a path for walking, gardens, a children’s playground and even a space for cultural performances. A party was held in the town to unveil the square’s design.

A plaque has been erected at the site, featuring the handprints of a number of residents, to represent the public’s participation in coming up with the project. A consultation program called “The square we want” was carried out in February and March, in order to ensure that the space would reflect the will of citizens and the local authorities. In all, more than 200 people, including children, adults and elderly people, took part in this initiative.

In addition, 78 houses and 27 stores have been renovated and work to clean and rebuild the town’s public spaces is continuing.

All these initiatives reflect Samarco’s commitment to restore the areas impacted by the failure of the Fundão dam. The main goal of this work is to allow the region’s people to resume their normal lives.

Manoel Lino Mol Square

Manoel Lino Mol Square is the main public leisure area in the town and it is used by people of all different ages and socioeconomic classes, promoting integration among the local population. It is important to restore this centrally located site, not only to provide physical facilities, but also because of its historic significance.