Recovered historical pieces are treated
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Recovered historical pieces are treated

10/18/2016 4:00 PM
Peças históricas resgatadas recebem tratamento

So far, about two thousand architectural items from churches, among pieces of sacred use, documents and fabrics, were rescued in the areas impacted by the collapse of the Fundão tailings dam. Most of it was found in the chapels of São Bento and Nossa Senhora das Mercês in Bento Rodrigues, of Santo Antônio in Paracatu, and Nossa Senhora da Conceição in Gesteira, districts of Mariana and Barra Longa.

Localized items such as the image of Our Lady of Grace, are collected and sent to the technical reserve area in Mariana, where they are cleaned and sanitized. All pieces undergo a cataloging process, through photographs and detailed descriptions, analysis of the conservation status and proposed treatment. Then, they are ready to be stored in rooms with proper air conditioning. The recovery of material cultural assets is part of the Historical, Cultural and Artistic Memory Preservation Program.

Renova Foundation

The Renova Foundation’s mission is to implement and manage the repair, restoration and reconstruction programs of the regions affected by the collapse of the Fundão dam, located in the subdistrict of Bento Rodrigues, in Mariana, Minas Gerais.

The Renova Foundation’s role is to restore and reestablish communities and resources affected by the collapse as well as replace or compensate what is not subject to remediation, always in an efficient, reputable, transparent and ethical manner.

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