Renova Foundation launches newsletter to talk to society
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Renova Foundation launches newsletter to talk to society

10/11/2016 3:00 PM

Renova Foundation launched, this October, its weekly digital newsletter. The newsletter will bring news about the recovery actions taken by Renova, the main challenges found, the guidelines followed, and the results obtained. As the name implies, the purpose of the "Connect" is to facilitate the connection between the institution and society.

Give your opinion

Connect does not want only to inform, but to establish a dialogue between the public and Renova Foundation. We want to know your opinion, read your comments, and receive your suggestions. So we created an e-mail that will be our communication channel with you.

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Renova Foundation

The Renova Foundation’s mission is to implement and manage the repair, restoration and reconstruction programs of the regions affected by the collapse of the Fundão dam, located in the subdistrict of Bento Rodrigues, in Mariana, Minas Gerais.

The Renova Foundation’s role is to restore and reestablish communities and resources affected by the collapse as well as replace or compensate what is not subject to remediation, always in an efficient, reputable, transparent and ethical manner.

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