Samarco and NGOs promote pet adoption event in Mariana
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Samarco and NGOs promote pet adoption event in Mariana

3/30/2016 5:00 PM

On April 9-10, the dogs and cats rescued in the region impacted by the rupture of the Fundão dam will be put up for adoption at the Convention Center of Mariana (Praça JK). The event is free and will take place from 9 am to 1 pm. The event will also include special activities and fun for the whole family.

Samarco’s initiative has the support of the Mariana City Administration, of the Extraordinary Commission of Animal Protection of the State Legislature of Minas Gerais, and of animal protection NGOs from Mariana, Ouro Preto, Itabirito, Conselheiro Lafaiete, Contagem, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo.

There will be about 100 healthy, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, fecal checked pets available for adoption. Those interested in acquiring a pet should bring some ID containing a photo, proof of residence and undergo an interview. After the evaluation is concluded, the adopters will sign a letter whereby they agree to receive a visit at their home from a veterinarian hired by Samarco, who will follow up on the pet´s adjustment to its new home over the next six months.

Those who cannot go to the event but are interested in acquiring a pet may get in touch over the phone – (31) 3559-5425 and set up a visit to the Animal Shelter on Rodovia MG-129, S/N, KM 138 – Mariana). The adoption can only take place after a personal interview. To learn about each animal available and find out more about the event, interested persons may also access the site:

Commitment to emergency as well as medium and long term actions

Immediately after the accident with the Fundão dam, Samarco sought a site that would allow the sheltering and emergency care of small animals (cats and dogs) and medium to large animals (horses, pigs and cows) rescued by the Fire Department crew, receiving additional support from several NGOs and volunteers. The first facility, called Centro de Recolhimento e Assistência aos Animais (CRA I), is in Mariana and consists of a shed of 700 m2 and an outdoor area of some 7,800 m2. The shed received improvements in the form of stalls, screens, beds, hospital, maternity and pharmacy. The medium and large animals are under the Company’s care on a local ranch.

The Company also has a specialized team to provide daily care for the well being of the animals. In alignment with the Preliminary Term of Commitment, signed with the Public Prosecution Service with the objective of assuring the quality of life of the animals, the Company has been carrying out a series of actions, such as identifying their owners, neutering/spaying as needed, vaccinating, in addition to organizing this adoption event. The animals which are not adopted will be maintained in their own shelter, receiving all necessary care and resources.